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Friday, June 01, 2007

Philips, Boo! Bose, Yay!

Lost my in-ear rubber piece (for my earphones) in New Jersey last weekend. I sent an e-mail to Philips last Tuesday and asked them if they sell these silicon pieces separately. My earphone is useless without 'em. Anyhoo, I got a message today. They told me that I have to buy a new set because they don't sell them separately. I told him, "what will I do with these earphones then?" He couldn't answer me. I promise I won't buy ANY Philips product.

That began my search for a better product. I came across Shure and Bose. In one of the forums, I found out that Bose gives the in-ear pieces for free. If you lose it again, they will charge you 5 bucks. I called the number posted and the representative informed me that he'll send me a new pair of in-ear rubber pieces for free. Sweet!!!

Told Noel about it and he was sure there's a catch. But nope, super thanks to Bose. Can't wait to get 'em.


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