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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spice "R" Us

After work today, the Ashburn boys proceeded to Best Buy. Knottydon wanted to get a battery charger 'cause he can't use his wireless mouse anymore and he couldn't appreciate the noise reduction earphones that he got from his good friend, Nikks, without any battery to power it. Noel bought a PSP game for himself/his kids. Alwyn wanted to have his own battery charger too but thought better of it. He decided to check out Amazon later that night.

Next stop was the nearby outlet mall. They went straight to Lacoste to buy a watch for Noel's wife. Unforch, the model that they have left didn't pass Noel's taste.

The boys checked out the fastfood station next. Don was complaining about his growling stomach already. He & Alwyn bought their food at Burger King while Rene decided to get his food at a different place. Don also gathered 3 different sauces for his fries: the usual barbecue, zesty, and the buffalo.

Verdict: The barbecue sauce is perfect for nuggets. You can forget about the zesty one if you're not into cheesy stuff. The spiciness of the buffalo sauce would really be appropriate for chicken wings.

Aeropostale is the latest addition to the Leesburg Premium Outlets. Don checked it out but found nuthin' to his likin'. Last stop was Old Navy.

The boys promised to come back for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Hopefully, Rene would get his CK jeans for a much lower price.

When Knottydon checked his coins later, he found to his surprise a Mississippi coin. Again, if you have Maine or Massachusetts in your quarters, please let me know. Thanks!!!


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