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Friday, June 15, 2007

3 Dogs and a Lappy

Went out for lunch with Brenda again. We couldn't spend too much time eating 'cause we will walk her dogs afterwards. So we decided to eat at a place near her house.

At Giovanni's, I ordered some Sicilian pizza and sausage pasta. Only ate half of it.

It's very interesting how the dogs would react to me, especially Lila. Last time, she was extremely shy. She wouldn't wanna go anywhere near me.

When Sago and Roca saw me, they immediately went for the crotch. Teehee... Sago is always super friendly. She keeps licking my hands and face. Roca bites softly. Lila is still shy but she didn't run away from me, this time.

Brenda put on their leashes. I got Roca. We went out and walked the three dogs. Lila stops every now and then to pee. Roca and Sago stop to smell some unknown animal scent. On the way home, Brenda gave me Lila.

Sago kept licking my face!!! And for the first time, Lila let me pet her. Awwwww!!!!
Before leaving them, Brenda gave 'em some treats ;oP

Remember last night shopping for a lappy? Well, today, I went online and bought my HP dv9500. I got a 200-dollar discount too. It will be built by the 28th. After 5 to 7 days, it will be delivered to me. Sweet!

The minoot I clicked on Submit button, I sent this message to Ruthie and Noel, "Oh my god, I bought na my laptop!"

Since I used my VISA card here in the US, I got declined first. I had to call my bank and had my daily purchase limit adjusted. After talking to an HP associate, I finally got my order taken care of.

Can't wait to see my new baby!!!


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