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Monday, June 11, 2007

A New Lappy?

Am glad that we were able to hear mass today. Last week, Alwyn and I went to DC so we missed it. Anyhoo, Mark and Ruthie got to see "Christ, the Redeemer" for the first time.

We proceeded to Giant to do growseree. Alwyn plans to cook menudo and tocino. Rene would cook some beef nilaga. Ruthie and I have the salpicao project tonight. Had lunch back at the apartment. I prepared some mixed veggies while Rene baked some spicy wings.

After lunch, we went to Circuit City. Ruthie's looking for a new laptop. She also didn't forget to take photos of the places she's been to (for her hubby, Dax). Then Walmart to buy some more
growserees. Last stop was Best Buy. This is where I found a fancy shmancy lappy from Toshiba. It's called P-105 sumpthin-sumpthin. It's really meant for gaming: 2GB RAM, 17" screen, 200 GB disk space, 7900 NVIDIA GeForce (Sweet!), Harman/Kardon speakers (Perfect), plus a fingerprint reader. Hmmm....

Mark, Ruthie, Alwyn and I also went swimming. The water ain't that cold too. I tried the swimming technique that my friend, Paul, taught me. I held my breath. This will enhance my singing skills ;oP It's fun to be in the water. Hakuna Matata!


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