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Friday, June 15, 2007

One Van

I never thought I'd be walking to work again. Ever since I got one of the keys to our van, I've been driving around again. But that all changed today.

Last Friday, our van got pulled over. It seems there's a problem with the van registration. The sticker on our back license plate says April 2007. And it's now June.

Three days after, my friends went to DMV to take care of this problem. But when the emission test was administered, the van failed.

The solution was to get us another vehicle. Not sure what will happen to us if the three newcomers arrive tomorrow. Alwyn, Rene, Noel, Mark, Ruthie, Mike, Randy, Pattie and I will just share one van. I heard that they will give us two cars. Am crossing my fingers now.

So this morning, I walked to work. It's a bit chilly outside so I wore my Miss Saigon sweatshirt. While walking along Ashburn Road, I found a bullet. I was thinking of keeping it but I imagined it exploding on my face so I left it alone.


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