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Friday, June 08, 2007

A Sweet Upgrade

When I saw a flat package sitting on top of my keyboard this morning, I got excited. It has to be my Bose in-ear rubber kit. I opened it and inspected the rubber pieces. It comes in 3 sizes alright: S, M and L. Unforch, it's not compatible with my Philips earphones. Bummer!

There's only one thing to do: Let go of my freakin' useless Philips earphones and get a new one.

Now, do I wanna buy another Apple earphones? I've had 4 Apple earphones in the past. It's nice to look at. White earphones only means you have an iPod.
The caveat is they don't freakin' last. I don't wanna buy one EVER again.

As far as quality is concerned, I've got two options: Bose or Shure. Rene got the latter. I'm willing to try the former.
So I went to Circuit City and got myself my first ever Bose headphones. The moment I used it on my iPod, I said to myself, "it's SOOO worth it!" Quality is amazing. I can now hear rich sounds!

The earphones comes with a nice black case too. Sweet!

One last thing, if I lose the in-ear rubber pieces, I've got a lot of spare ;oP


Anonymous starving kid said...

ang mahal nang bose eh!! $99 to $120..ang yaman talaga tsk tsk..mag ipon ka!!

9:33 PM  

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