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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Baby Shower for Soma

The goal is to keep the baby shower lunch party a surprise to Soma. Vicky sent out the invitation a week before. We also made contributions for her gifts, cake, and food for today (without her knowledge).

Vicky, Jason, Ogz and I got to the Japanese resto first. Vicky reserved a semi-private room for us. A minoot or two later, Sandy arrived with the cake. They quickly setup the room. Sandy also brought some cute PartyLite candles with her.
Surya came with Krishnan, Cindy & Bruno. And shortly after, Jyoti appeared with Soma.

We shouted surprise but it didn't quite dawn on Soma yet that it's her baby shower party. So we showed her her cake & gifts. Big smile on her face.
Then we ordered our food. I got some tempura, miso soup and mochi ice cream. Vicky had this before and she recommended it. It's like a ball of ice cream inside a sticky rice covering. I requested for strawberry and chocolate flavors. We gave our names to the waitress 'cause we'll get our individual checks later. Sandy went by the name, "Angel".

While waiting for our food, the waitress came back to me and informed me that they don't have chocolate anymore so I got some mango. Then a few minoots later, she came back again. I finally got the red bean flavor (which she recommended).

When the food arrived, I only had 2 tempura shrimps plus sweet potato, eggplant and mushroom in tempura batter. After eating the 2 shrimps, I stopped eating. Didn't like the veggies. I immediately asked for my ice cream. 'twas good. A different way to eat ice cream.
When everyone was finished with their meals, Vicky handed the gifts to Soma. She got a paperbag filled with assorted baby items. Vicky jokingly asked who the next person is to be given a baby shower.
Before we left the place, we had some marble cake. I requested for the corner piece. Delish ;oP


Anonymous Japanese Mochi Ice Cream said...

Japanese Mochi ice cream is the best isn't it? Yummy.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Bradley said...

Very cool. I have a gift suggestion for Soma: How about a cute, personalized sign that accents the d├ęcor? They have nice onces here: http://www.mysweetandsour.com We have two for our twin boys: "Safari Adventures" for Brayden and "Express Train" for Bryan. The personalized artwork is done by my friend, Laura, who is also a mom. Best wishes to Soma for a wonderful birth and exciting new chapter in life.

3:00 AM  

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