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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idol Gives Back

Seeing the past contestants of "So You Think You Can Dance" again in the opening of "Idol Gives Back" brought a big smile to my face. Just for that, the show is so worth watching. It's about time to hear a new song from the Idol finalists. The song, "Don't Stop the Music", suits the voice of Syesha. Jason Castro did a lousy job.

Enuff of the Idols and let's focus on the SYTYCD dance crew. I noticed that Lauren & Lacey both partnered with David Cook. It's nice to see Pasha, Anya and Dimitri dancing together. The B-Boys with Dominic are crazy! The Nick-Travis-Danny triumvirate is a force to reckon with. But where's Neil? Oh, I miss Sabra =o(

Oh, if you missed the opening number, here's one from YouTube:
Mark your calendars, guys. "So You Think You Can Dance" comes back on May 22nd!!!

First time to see Miley Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana perform on stage. I still don't get it (even if she performed like 200 times). Her gazillions of fans would kill me now.

Fergie's "Finally" number is my favorite. That voice! It was fun to see her cartwheeling again during her duet with Heart.

The clip with Annie Lennox & the four brothers was really touching. Her "Many Rivers to Cross" number was damn worthy of a standing ovation.

It's so good to see Billy Crystal again. He's my favorite comedian. Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious when he grilled-slash-introduced Mr. Simon Cowell. I wasn't expecting Robin Williams as the Russian Idol.

Brad Pitt has a very strong presence.

Mariah Carey looks fab but not sure if she did her whole number live.

I was surprised to hear "Shout to the Lord" from the Idols. I used to sing that in SOLV.


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