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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

iShop. iFly. iStay.

My weekend was cut short for I need to fly to Indiana again for a business trip. Good thing I spent my Saturday wisely by going shopping with Ogz & Raz. I only have 2 weeks here in the US so I gotta spend my free days the best & only way I could think of. Well, that's not entirely true but....

If I need to buy some dress shirts & ties, Marshalls is the first thing that comes to mind. They have branded stuff there (CK, Ralph Lauren, DKNY) for cheap price. I've been a fan of Marshalls for over a decade now and it's nice to visit it every now and then. It's like a place I grew up with. Teehee. Aside from clothes and shoes, they have home decor there. I found a nice chocolate brown sheepskin rug. Love it.

We continued shopping at Dulles Town Center. I stopped by Sharper Image 'cause they got this closing out sale. Ogz found me there enjoying my free massage. Told him to try it out. I bought this sleep mask which is the BEST mask I've ever tried. When you wear it, it's total darkness. Even if you look directly at sunlight and open your eyes, you won't see anything. I tried it during my 2-hour flight to Detroit and it was a HUGE success. When I removed the mask, the feeling was, like, I've been given a new pair of eyes. The mask in itself is soft and fluffy. Very comfy. I HIGHLY recommend this.

I'm so happy about the Boss shirt that i bought for less than 50 bucks at Nordstrom. The sales associate was very accommodating too. The shirt fits me well. I also found out my measurement, 15 1/2 (neck) and 32/33 (sleeves).

I like traveling so I shouldn't complain about flights getting delayed anymore. It comes with the territory. But it sucks when you're tired and hungry and your flight gets delayed. Last Thursday, I got home way past midnight due to some thunderstorm in Detroit. I haven't had dinner yet so I had to cook sumpthin'. I didn't wanna go to IHOP to eat pancakes for dinner.

I miss the 24-hour restos back home. We have this 24-hour resto called "Quick Stomach" in Makati and they serve the best chop suey in the world. It's got pork, shrimp, squid and veggies. They serve it to you piping hot and on a bed of rice *drools*.

We're back at Residence Inn. I got my own room now. Yay! Hopefully, I could have some wine this week too. Last week came by so fast that I wasn't able to drink wine at the lobby. I miss drinking with Paul (along with his unlimited stories) and Ogz.
One nice thing about Residence Inn is that they have rooms with kitchen. I was able to cook rice for dinner. Nuthin' beats rice with some viand ("ulam"). Now, if only Residence Inn has the same bed & pillows plus the you-can-always-ask-for-toothpaste-shaving-cream-and-bottled-water-at-the-concierge thingie at Hampton Inn and it would've been a perfect hotel experience.


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