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Saturday, August 02, 2008

My New Look

Whacha think?

This is the photo that I showed to my Artistic Director, Harry, from Menage Salon at Trinoma. I informed him that I want Pete Wentz' hair. He thought for a second how to approach it. He told me that he'd cut the back and side short. Plus, he'd layer my bangs. Then he left me.

I was approached by a woman who asked me if I wanted some iced or hot tea. I opted for the latter. Then she gave me a cold towel to refresh my eyes, my neck, and my nape. She gave me a quick temple massage too.

Menage Salon is located on the first floor of Trinoma, near the North Ave parking entrance. It's near Anson's too. They have 3-4 types of stylist. At the bottom of the pack is the top stylist, he/she would cut your hair for 180 pesos. I chose the topmost, Artistic Director. Harry's fee is 450 pesos.

Then it's time to watch Harry in action. Now, one tip: always be nice to your hairstylist. They've got the scissors, remember? I initiate small talk with them. When he noticed that I badly need hair coloring (the grays are sayin' hello), I told him that I want pure black. He disagreed. He thought my hair would look like a wig. He suggested to have my bangs rebonded. That means, I don't need to carry around my hair iron thingie all the time. Sweet!

After maybe an hour of cutting, styling and blowdrying, I smiled when I see my reflection. He totally got the look that I wanted. I'll be back for my new hair color and hair rebond next week. The bangs are still naturally wavy.

Met Ditas at Marks & Spencer. We continued the catching up at Five Cows which I heard, is famous for its ice cream. 

We immediately checked out the menus: Country Style pork belly has the house icon (which means, it's their specialty) and a cow icon (which means, it's new) so I got it. Ditas got for herself salpicao. They have pasta too and a lot of choices for dessert but that could wait. When the food arrived, the meat was tender and sweet. I like it.
As for dessert, Ditas ordered the bubble gum flavor, which has a strange blue color. When I looked around the other tables, I noticed that a lotta peeps ordered the same thing. I got some Ferrero Crunch Supreme. Verdict: uhm, it's overhyped.
One suggestion though, Five Cows should serve the ice cream in frozen cups. You don't gulp down ice cream in 5 scoops. It's best eaten and savored. It ain't fun to eat melted ice cream.

Walked around the mall afterwards. Found out that it's hard to locate restrooms in Trinoma. They also need to put some more directories. It's hard to find your way in a big, crazy mall.


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