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Friday, August 15, 2008

Only Belo Touches My Skin

I've been doing stuff here in Manila that I can't practically do in the States--getting the haircut that I wanted, getting massages as often as I want and some pampering here and there.

I seldom go to a salon in the US 'cause it's pretty expensive. The only time I had my hair cut was when I tried the emo look in South Carolina ;oP That's the main reason why I let my hair grow as long as possible when I'm assigned abroad. The advantage of that is I can experiment with my hair when I go back home.

Getting a whole body massage here is pretty cheap too. They massage you from head to toe. Or you can just get a foot spa if you're in a hurry. Your feet would love you when you treat them nicely ;oP

I only go to Belo clinic for my facial. Even though I know I'm gonna cry again during the cleaning procedure, it's quite good to know that your skin is black- or whiteheads free. For those who haven't tried it, it's really excruciating when they get rid of those nasty stuff on your skin (especially in the nose area). That's the price you have to pay.


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