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Monday, December 01, 2008

8 Hours!

We first heard mass at a church near Kuya Vans' house in Hackensack. We're planning to hear mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral again but we're already late. The gospel was about being vigilant. Actually, we've been doing that for the past few days. Vigilant on price tags of the stuff that we wanna get for Christmas ;oP
After finding a parking space near Port Authority, we decided to look for costumes for our Christmas party. Freya, dropped off by her uncle, joined us. The first place we've checked out called "Ricky's" doesn't carry much clothes.

We couldn't find the other stores so we decided to see the window display at Lord & Taylor instead.
Went back to Port Authority to have our late lunch. Michelle, with a new do, joined us.

Then it's time to go back home. This time, Joy took the wheel. 'twas quite a challenge to fit all the stuff that we Joy bought in New York ;oP

The drive home was grueling especially the last 5 miles before we reached the toll in Delaware. Instead of the usual 4-to-5-hour traveling time, it took us 8 freakin' hours. Ogz joked that it felt like we traveled down to Florida already.

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Anonymous joy said...

Hoy Don! Wag ka mag-pretend! :P dami ka din na-shop hahahaha=))

7:39 PM  

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