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Friday, November 21, 2008


As expected, throngs of moviegoers, composed mostly of teenagers, packed the theater to watch the love story of Bella & Edward unfolds. Not sure how much percentage has read the book though. I'm really excited to see the characters on the big screen.

The girls shrieked when Edward first appeared. I guess, they all love him now. Edward is giving Harry Potter a run for his money.

It's nice to see that the director was faithful to the book. Stephenie Meyer even made a cameo so watch out for that. I hope she doesn't end up like M. Night Shyamalan though.

I the Cullens' house.

I was hoping for a good fight scene between Edward and James. It was just okay. I wanted fangs to appear though. What's a vampire without fangs?

A couple of familiar faces include Esme Cullen is Elizabeth Reaser from "Grey's Anatomy" and Renee Dwyer is Sarah Clarke from "24".

My favorite moment would have to be when Edward gave Bella a monkey-back ride and they jumped from tree to tree. And in one particular scene, you could see a majestic view of the Pacific Northwest. Love that!

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