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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Day Seven: Last Day!

Can't buh-lieve I'm on my last day of dieting. When I started this thing, I was really apprehensive. First and foremost, I've never tried any crash diet program. Even though my friends, Vans & Tina, have vouched that it really worked for them, I was still worried that it would not work for me.

For my weigh-in today, I got this feedback from my scale. I am now 163.4. Hopefully I could still lose a pound tomorrow.

Brown rice is in my list of things to eat but, again, I am not a fan of it so I'll just stick to fruit juices and veggies. For lunch, we went to Ruby Tuesday's. I had their fresh salad. Warning: do NOT order their Strawberry Lemonade. It tastes weird and yucky. I dunno why my friend, Jet, likes it.

For snacks, Joy, Ogz & I went to Mickey Ds. I got myself a Southwest salad and requested them to remove the meat. I also had apple juice.

As for dinner, Joy helped me create my first Watermelon shake. I'm loving our blender now. I wanna make more fruit juices in the future.

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