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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Day Six: Beef & Veggies

I was anxious to see my weight today. I didn't quite follow my GM diet yesterday. Instead of eating 6 tomatoes, I only had one. I couldn't eat 'em anymore. According to Ogz, the tomatoes are for fiber and digestion. Hmmm, that explains it.

Anyhoo when I stepped on the scale, I was surprised to see these digits: 164. Seven pounds lost, to date. Yay!

I'm not sure if I could STILL lose 3 pounds today and tomorrow (the info says you'll lose 10 lbs. minimum) but I'll let you know.

Today is all-you-can-eat-beef-&-veggies day. For my brunch, I drove over to Mickey Ds (that's how they call McDonald's here). I bought their Angus Beef burger and some Caesars. I asked them to take away the chicken in my salad. Don't wanna be tempted. As for the burger, I only ate the patty and the lettuce. I even scraped off some of the melted cheese in there.

As for dinner, I got some leftover brisket from last night and cooked some veggies. One day more!

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