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Saturday, May 02, 2009

NYC Sightseeing & Webster Hall

Tita Mel & Tita Let's apartment is located near the Queens/Woodside area where there's a lot of Filipino restaurants. We went inside Krystal's and I suddenly had a weird feeling that I've eaten here before. I tried to remember and visions of Joy with her ever-makulit friend, Marvin, came to mind. We even had a karaoke session here one night.

Anyhoo, we tasted their tapsilog for brekky. It arrived with 2 eggs, chopped tomatoes and a generous amount of fried rice. The tapa was a bit sweet & delish!

Anbby had to meet a friend so we bid goodbye to him. He'll join us again later.
First in the list to see is the Liberty. We took a subway ride to the South Ferry stop. We boarded the ferry to Staten Island and spent the whole 30-minute ride taking photos of the Statue and of ourselves too.
We continued our sightseeing by walking around the Financial District. There's a Romanian festival happening too. We checked out the food and the merchandise being sold.
Before checking out Chelsea Market, we passed by the Ed Hardy shop in the Meat Packing District. I got a discount for my white pair of shoes and I used a gift card for my white hoodie ;oP Joy also bought a pair of shoes and Onaks got himself a tee. I think I have the same shirt buried somewhere in my closet.
We had our late lunch at a Thai resto inside Chelsea Market. Ogz & I shared some glass noodles (the same food we ordered last time) but this time, instead of crawfish, they served us shrimps. It was still good.

Dessert was next at Eleni's. Ogz & I shared the chocolate cupcake with coconut sprinkles (my favorite!). Yum-Oh!!!

We got reunited with Anbby at Times Square. We also had our mandatory rest period. And I had my Charmee moment not once but twice. The tourists around me were prolly wondering what the eff I am doing (watch the guy in white cap) ;oP
Then we visited two chocolate stores. I tried the M&M Color Analyzer again and this time, it sensed that I'm a Peanut Butter flavor (am not much of a PB fan). Karen had fun collecting different colored M&Ms. On our way down, the poor yellow M&M mascot almost tripped on the escalator.
Passed by the Rockefeller Center and Carnegie Hall.
We had to go back home to prepare for our big night at the Webster Hall. Joy availed this party package where we'll get front of the line access (important for VIPs like us), a VIP table, champagne, top-shelf drinks and a giftbox that includes a t-shirt, CD and a membership card.

Around midnight, we finally reached Webster Hall. It took a long time for them to give us a table and drinks. Hmmm, is this how they treat their VIPs? I dunno what happened there but they seriously need to treat their VIP clients better.

Anyhoo, we got our table with a good view of the dance floor and the stage. The DJ booth is a stone's throw away from us. Poles were everywhere but I only saw one girl dancing on it. Our waitress whose name I didn't get gave us 2 ice buckets with our champagne and glasses. We had to request for more chairs and glasses for Herbert & Anbby.
Then the drinking (and fun) started. We kicked it off with the champagne then we had Patron shots (my fave), Grey Goose shots and some mixed drinks. This is the good life!
The theme of the night was Circus so they showed many interesting characters with acrobatic skills. This reminds me of Cirque du Soleil.
We also checked out the different floors. On the second floor, we saw peeps dancing hip-hop and on the first, we could hear 70's music playin'. I also noticed that the only restrooms they have is on the first. What the eff!
We called it a night around 4 am. Ogz, Joy, Karen and Onaks went home first. Herbert, Anbby and I had pizza before heading home. We even got lost along the way. Reached Tita Mel's house around 6 already.

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