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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mt. Daguldul, My First Hike

Saturday, October 23
With only a couple of hours of sleep, I woke up at 4 and had my bath. Left my pad around 5. My bag is heavy.

My friends and I met at 7-11 in Buendia. Had brekky at ChowKing. Bought sweet n' sour pork & dumplings for lunch later. Left there at 7.

Got to Batangas around 8. Rented a jeep that would take us to Mt. Daguldul's base.

Met my hiking group. Lala, Derrick, and Toping are sweepers. That means they would take care of me ;o) We did some warm-up exercises and even prayed before taking our first step. We started the hike at 10:30.

My first problem came--my rubber shoes. The soles on BOTH shoes opened up. The MacGyver in me went to work. I used my shoelaces to hole them up.

Hiking is never easy. Had difficulty breathing especially if the climb is too steep. Experienced dizziness at first. Took a lot of Extra Joss. My thighs were killing me too. Cramps! Put some salonpas and took some painkillers.

We had lunch around 12 at some hut. Surprisingly, they sell mountain dew. Refreshing indeed! We rest a bit. Took out some of the food that I brought with me. The M&Ms melted. Bummer! Will buy more Safari chocos next time.

En route to the top, I just gulped my agua with Extra Joss. I prayed that my thighs won't give up on me. My shoes weren't helping either.

When we reached the campsite at 3:15, I just thanked God. I'm happy because for the first time in my life, I climbed a mountain. A mountain, baby!

Rest for awhile. Changed clothes. Ate some bread too. I helped Lala and Toping setup a tent. Watched the sunset too. Nice feeling. I bonded with my fellow hikers.

Dinner was sinigang na baboy. It was good but the rice sucked. I wonder why I didn't have much appetite.

We mingled with my hiking group. Drank a lot of the mixed drinks. Apparently the guy who prepared our drinks is a bartender. And to top it off, someone prepared "sisig" and liempo. Talked and laughed for hours. Played a drinking game called 7-Up and I sucked at it. Concentration was next. Al played magic tricks at us. We had an interesting discussion on religion. Even saw a falling star.

Sunday, October 24
After having salami, corned beef, and eggs for brekky, we packed our stuff up. 'twas time to leave Mt. Daguldul.

The climb down was much easier for me. Toping assisted me. He even carried my bag when I slipped. Damn shoes!

On the way down, we reached a halo-halo place. We had some before continuing our journey. I gave out some of my food to the kids I met along the way.

My shoes gave up on me the moment we reached the bottom. Good timing, eh? I put on my slippers. Listened to mp3s again. The walk towards our lunch place was tough. 'twas so freaking hot!

Lunchtime. We had tahong and tilapia. Yummy! Swam for some minoots too at a nearby beach. My dreads missed it!

Bid goodbye to my hiking friends around 4. Pictures were taken for the last time.

Heard mass at Don Bosco when I got home.

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