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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Top Ten List

hay caramba! it's now the end of the first quarter of two thousand O-five. Apart from sporting a much longer dreads (been a year now!), lemme see what else has happened to me:

First: I re-acquainted me-self with arts. I began painting! Even though I started with a paint-by-number artwork, looking at me finished products, makes me feel proud. I, so far, produced 2 paintings.

Second: I was able to setup my online journal. It's fun to write your thoughts, present your creative ideas (through Illustration Friday), remember past gimmicks, and re-invent your blog design. The downside is, it's hard to sync this with my real journal. I even forgot my diary in Bulacan. Bummer!

Third: I finally got me-self a credit card. Super thanks to Andrew Baking of HSBC. Was able to thank him personally last Thursday. When I approached and thanked him, he got this blank look on his face. I said, "why am I thanking you?" and explained. After five years, I get to shop cashless again.

Fourth: I also got a BPI express atm. It's a debit card too! And I get to pay my monthly bills online. That is WAY better than walking to SM just to pay my bills.

Five: I was able to visit Bora again. I spent my four-day vacation with family (whom I missed so much) and friends. Didn't do much. Just relaxed.

Six: just started hittin' the gym again. After 2 years, am back with a new trainer: Jerome. I plan to visit at least once or twice a week, depending on me schedule. Wish me luck!

Seven: as far as sickness is concerned, my vertigo is back. Plus, I had back pains last month. I also monitor my blood pressure. It has a habit of shooting up everytime I get vertigo.

Eight: I was introduced to bowling and frisbee. With bowling, I have lessons in Greenhills every Sunday. I miss playing because of my injured back. But I think I can attend a session soon. I just attended 2 frisbee sessions. The first one was otay. The second was a disaster. That's when I hurt me back =o(

Nine: my faith is getting stronger and better with my attending prayer meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday in Don Bosco. My SOLV brothers are always at me back ;o) Plus, I truly enjoy singing worship songs!

Ten: I'm thankful that family is healthy. I always pray for more strength and love for me family and friends.

And last, but DEFINITELY the most important, I am inspired nowadays. Enuff said. ;oP

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Payday & Bills Settling

Before I could get my money from the bank, Ruth and I met with our financial director and talked about our summer outing budget. We're happy he gave us a go signal with our proposal. The only problem now is brekky. Oh well, that can be dealt with in another meeting later.

Instead of having lunch first, I went to UCPB with Laaa. The transaction was quick, surprisingly. Anyhoo, we proceeded to Goldilock's and had my first meal of the day. I bought barbecue and laing. Laaa got herself some sago gulaman and a mango slice (to my suggestion). Turned out that she didn't like it so I had to consume 80% of the cake. Teehee!

Next stop, I deposited money for my BPI savings account. Then I went to claim my useless camera. Need to give this back to my brother. We went to PowerBooks later. No interesting book. I still have 3 books to read. Last stop was Avant, an electronic shop in Greenbelt 3. There I saw my Kodak LS755. Unfortunately, they have no demo unit. I just looked at the camera and imagine. Teehee!

We walked back to the office.

When I got back, Ning gave me my check from AsianLife. They didn't give me the amount I was expecting. They didn't cover my injection fee. Bummer! Well, at least, I've got extra money now.

I tried to enrol my Manulife account for BPI online banking. Been trying to do this for some time now but it's only now that it worked. Turned out that I've been choosing an incorrect account. Stupid. I paid for my Meralco, PLDT, and Manulife bills. Ahhhh!!!!

Had my break at Starbucks with Netski, Laaa, and Mikks. Tried the new banana shortbread with espresso. That's my first and last ;o)

I feel down. No message at all from A. Maybe she's busy or sumpthin.

I decided to join my brothers for a SOLV fellowship. We sang worship songs to praise Him. Afterwards, we had a fun dinner at Congo Grille. We talked about the government & credit cards while enjoying our sinigang na hipon (my request), sisig, and tenderloin tips. Joel had a Congo Grille card so we got a tuna sisig for free. ;o)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Back to SOLV!!!

Sleep was better this time. No toss and turning much. Still have a bit of vertigo.

Aside from updating my ePIM presentation, Max invited me to join our partner's demonstration on our product, EPX. That consumed an hour of work time. Plus, we had a meeting on our summer outing. People are beginning to back out for some reason. Bummer!

Am glad that another artist commented on my illo. Everytime I get comments, I feel really good. ;o)

Over our afternoon break, the main topic was how lucky Ogz is. And he admitted it too! That was bloody funny! He toppled Lala off for being humble.

Updated my blog's header.

Created an ad on the reward for bringing in a Xacta technical lead developer. Anyone who can successfully do this will get one grand. Hay caramba!

Around 8, Netski asked if I'd like to attend tonight's SOLV prayer meeting. It's been quite awhile since I last attended one so I joined her. It was a thanksgiving night filled with worship songs. I'm really glad we sang "Power of Your Love".

After the meeting, my fellow brothers and I went to Congo Grille but it was already closed. They close at 10 but it was still a few minoots before ten when we got there. Oh well, it's their loss. We're a hungry bunch!!! We decided to have dinner at SuZhou. There we saw a Chinese actor who used to be in MTB (Channel 2). I didn't recognize him because I am never a fan of the Kapamilya network. Anyhoo, for dinner we had the restaurant's famous dumplings, fried noodles, pechay with mushrooms, and fried rice. Super yummy!

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Monday After Holy Week

I don't know if it's my on-off vertigo or that it's the first work day after a long holiday that is causing me to lose focus at werk. Tried updating my ePIM presentation but I've gone as far as adding 5 slides. Ugh! Come here, motivation!!!

Am glad that some people like my illo for this week. ;o)

Withdrew money so I can last this week. Sanry's rate is 54.25. Bummer! Bought some blank CDs.

I think I need sleep.

Had a nice chat with Arlyn before leaving the office. That's about the highlight of this day. ;o)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Illustration Friday: Crowded

Hope ya like my crowded illo. Had fun doin these strange characters! Come back and you might find additional characters here ;o)

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Third Day of Rest

Requested Dad to cook some paksiw and adobo. So that's what we had for brunch.

Around 1, I accompanied mom to the jeepney station.

Around 4, I, along with Allen, went to Jollibee, tungko. I had some chicken torpedo (yuck) and spaghetti with fries. We're supposed to meet Jayson there but he didn't appear.

After dinner, Allen and I watched the boring "Rules of Attraction". We drank a few beers too.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Second Day of Rest

For brunch, dad cooked grilled bangus. Yummy!

Watched "Ocean's Twelve". I liked the first one more.

Around 7, I went to my usual Bulacan hangout place--a sari-sari store owned by my friend, Nimfa. There, I caught up with my friends: Allen (the kid next door), Jayson (our dentist and skateboarder friend), and Mon (the hubby of Nimfa). We agreed to meet up around 10 for a drinking spree.

So that's what we did. We went to another neighbor's house (Sheila's) where we drank SanMig Light while watching "Stigmata". After the movie, we had some noodles at a nearby talipapa. Not contented with the soup, I had some rice and fish steak.

Sheila bought us some spicy burger to cap the night. When we got back to their house, we drank the remaining Guerrero. All four of us: Jayson, Sheila, Allen, and I shared stories till 3 am.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

First Day of Rest

Woke up at half past 12. Lunch was served. Dad cooked some sinigang na bangus, sarciado (yum), and tortang talong. I left the table super full.

Then I started my movie watching with "KungFu Hustle". I had no idea who the lead star was. The film was hilarious though. My first kungfu film since "Hidden Dragon" stuff.

Got bored so I took a nap again.

After dinner, I finished the second half of the movie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

QC, Makati, QC, and Bulacan

Left RSCC at 6 with caffeine in me tummy. Reached my pad at 7. I thought, should I report for work already or catch some shuteye first? The latter won.

Woke up at 10:30 and quickly took a shower. Prepared me stuff that I'll bring to Bulacan for my 4-day holiday.

Need to finish all the tests today, by hook or by crook! Glyn and I hit some snags when our software breaks down everytime I enter values with commas and dots. Teehee. I vowed to be finished before 8:30. I promised my mom I'd fetch her tonight. I created some SPRs before leaving work.

Fetched mom around 9 pm. This is the most tiring day ever! We got home around 11 already. Hungry and tired. I looked forward to my 4-day rest.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Whole day has been devoted to testing. Ugh!

5 o'clock came and we had our much needed break at Starbucks. Toping joined us later. I also signed on a campaign to stop commerical logging and mining. Asked for a copy from the lady barista so I could add some more signatures from my colleagues.

Since we had to do some more tests, Mimi bought us dinner at Greenwhich. I had some chicken wings and pizza. Yum!

At 9, I, along with Raz, left the office. Visited mom at RSCC. They have their annual pabasa. Had a quick dinner first. At 11, I joined the pabasa group. I sang my heart away till 3 am. Some ginger ale kept me awake.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Back to Slimmer's

Joyish approached me at my cube and told me about me testing assignment. Chatted with Glyneth and we divided our workload. This week, I'll be doin nuthin but testing.

Over lunch on the second floor, we talked about our planned trip to Singapore and Vietnam through Tiger Airways.

Around 7, I hit the gym--after 2 long years. Jerome is the trainer assigned to me. He checked for my blood pressure first. He got a worried look in his face. He told me to rest for awhile. So I did. Then he checked it again. Still worried. Bummer! I thought, maybe I should cancel my lifetime membership.

Then he let me do some tests (some reaching stuff). I failed in most. Teehee. Next was the stationary bicycle. I warmed up for 3 minoots. Afterwards, it's a battery of tests once more. After performing them, he led me into a room and we talked about the program he designed for me. He told me that I need to do some stretching exercises and work on my cardio using the threadmill. I will be doing that for a month.

He accompanied me to the threadmill and I brisk walked for 30 minoots. It was fun. My iPod kept me company.

Next he showed me the stretching exercises that I need to memorize by heart. Good thing, he was supportive.

Around 9, I had a quick shower and went back to the office. I need to buy a padlock for my locker soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Woke up at half past 12 noon. Cooked spam for brunch.

Watched the Pacquiao boxing game. Too bad he lost. =o(

Went to hear mass at Don Bosco. The gospel was about people welcoming Jesus' in Jerusalem and it segued to his crucifixion. Father Bernie talked about three kinds of people: those who have anger in their hearts, those who don't really care, and those who feel sorry for their sins.

After mass, I went to Evergreen's for another veggie dinner.

I continued reading my book at Powerbooks, GB3. Stayed there till closing time.

Was able to chat with Arlyn for at least 2 hours last night. We talked about her experiences in Denmark. She visited the famous Little Mermaid statue. She told me that the mermaid is sad lookin and seems awaiting her lover to come back. In their office, the lights go off automatically when nobody's around. And it lights up when it detects at least one person. That in their 5-storey fully-furnished apartment, she and her friends rush from one floor to the next because the light has an automatic timer. It goes off after 2 minutes. That was fun! And there's this song called "Almost Here" that keeps playing at their only one music channel. I got to listen to it last night.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Illustration Friday: Bloom

Since the topic for today is very closely related to flowers, I had fun doing all these small flowers one at a time using Photoshop ;o)

Didn't attend my art class again. Too sleepy and lazy to wake up. It's a rest day so I'm getting the most out of it by getting some... REST!

Had late brunch. Dinner was just at McDonald's.

Cleaned my place a bit.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Jowee's Birthday

Still werkin on my EPIM presentation. Brian has given me some stuff that I can use. Sweet! ;o)

Couldn't go to the mall during lunchtime. It rained. Bummer! The second floor canteen was filled to the brim. Good thing, we've got a pantry to eat at.

After lunch, I met an ole friend, Jec. At Starbucks over coffee and ensaymada, we talked about the ole times, our career, love lives. =o)

We're celebrating tonight Jowee's birthday at his house. Super excited!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

HSBC Credit Card -- First Card in 5 Years!!!

OCCI or Enterworks? Hmmm.... woke up at 9:30. Too late for OCCI. Oh well, maybe next time. One factor that made me not attend this second level is moulah. I need to be thrifty until our next payday.

I'm feeling better now. I think the Solmux and Robitussin tandem are workin for me. I still get the occasional barks though. I really sound terrible when I cough.

Around 11, Nikki gave me the best news--HSBC credit card has arrived. I went to the lobby and check it out. When I opened the envelope, I didn't see any card but a bunch of promotional leaflets. Bummer! All that excitement for nuthin. Oh well, maybe I'm not meant to have one anymore. I told Nikki maybe the messenger was wrong to think that he's delivering a credit card 'cause there ain't no card inside the damn envelope. Nikki thought she was sure about the good news. I checked again and there it was... my first credit card in 5 years. Called the card company to activate it ;o)

After me lunch, I went to the mall. First, I proceeded to a Konica shop to have my camera cleaned and checked. I'll call again on Monday for their estimates.

On the way back to the office, I claimed Laaa's pictures.

At 8 pm, I went to GB3 to attend a mass dedicated for men. The priest talked about standing up for our faith. After the mass, I had a brief chat with my SOLV brothers.

Joined my friends at Red Box. There we sang till 1 am. It was fun singing songs like "Proud Mary", "Walk Like an Egyptian", "Zombie", and "Achy Breaky Heart". Some of the songs were handpicked by Brian, our American colleague.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Illustration Friday: Fragile

First thing that came to mind is a beautiful butterfly ;o)

When I opened my eyes, I thought I was still in Bora. But hearing no sound of the waves nor kids playing beside me, my thoughts came back to reality. Ugh!

Updated my blog to include our Bora stories. Will try to upload some photos later on.

There were three models giving out Revicon Max samples on the second floor. Perfect timing! I was planning on buying this multi-vitamins brand. At least, I get to try it now.

Withdrew money. I paid for my rent. Paid Chel for my shirt and our Vodka Ice Bar gimmick. Paid Ogz my first of 6 payments for my Slimmer's membership. No mo' moulah! =o(

Ogz treated us for some ice cream at Haagendaz. While enjoying our food, I got a call from Raz informing me that a messenger from HSBC has delivered my credit card. I said, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!". I couldn't believe it. Is this a prank or sumpthin? Anyhoo, I won't believe it until the card's in me hands. Since I wasn't at the office, the messenger will come back tomorrow at 11.

Worked on my ePIM training materials again.

Took some Solmux for my cough. I think it's better than Robitussin.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bora is Sweeter the Second Time Around Part 4 of 4

My last day in Bora. Kuya woke me up and we had brekky together. Had some egg and noodles.

Went shopping for pasalubong. Got me dad a white hat (his request). Got me-self my dreamcatcher. I've been wanting to have this after reading and watching the Stephen King movie. I'm a die-hard SK fan, remember? And that's all I was able to shop for. Didn't have much money to spend with.

At 9, I walked along the beautiful beach. It was my first time to wake up early in Bora. Saw Jowee and family having brekky.

Angela and the kids joined me at the beach later on. I swam for less than an hour. Sunbathed too. Laaa joined me briefly.

Went back home to have lunch with Kuya and his family. Took a bath. Kuya got me a CD containing songs that they play at Mandala Spa. I also got his camera. I plan to have it cleaned so I can use it. Who knows? There might be a photographer sumwhere in knottydon.

Goodbyes are no fun at all. It was hard to say goodbye to my family especially after spending 3 and a half days with 'em. The next time I'll see them is in December =o(

Went to Station 3 and waited for my friends. At 1 pm, we left for Caticlan. Also got a surprise call from Arlyn ;o)There, we were met by the same group that brought us to Caticlan last Saturday. We reached Kalibo around 3. Jowee's group left at 20 past 3. Our flight is at 4:35 pm. We checked in our stuff before checking out what's outside the airport. We had pizza at some nearby resto. I had hot calamansi for my itchy throat.

While waiting for our plane, we played some cards. The flight back to Manila was memorable. The viewers that normally show movies or some kind of entertainment showed us a pilot's or a bird eye's view of what's happening outside. It showed the whole take off, flying, and landing views. Pretty neat!

Around 6, we separated ways. Laaa, Beng, Shell, and I went together. We dropped off Laaa at Baclaran. Got home in less than half an hour.

Had dinner at Sinangag Express and bought cough syrup before heading home.

No cable again. Bummer!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Bora is Sweeter the Second Time Around Part 3 of 4

I, along with Angela and the kids, joined my friends for brekky at Attica. We had difficulty in locating them. I had some bacon and eggs while Angela had some pancakes. We had to wait for a very long time before they were served.

Some more picture taking time. I requested Laaa to take my infamous solo shot.

Mikks and Claris informed the group that they will try para-sailing. Table joined them later. We hopped on a speedboat, transferred to a bigger one, and watched our three friends fly in the air. For some minoots, I had trouble keeping my brekky from spilling out. The waves made me seasick.

The parasailing was different this time. The operators didn't even dip our 3 friends. Bummer! When they were about to land on the boat, there was a slight mishap. The wind blew hard that almost separated Table from our 2 friends. When the 3 joined us later, we noticed that Mikks had lost some blood on his face.

We went back on the island and took a brief rest. The next activity was the banana boat ride. We're a big group so we decided to split the group into 2. Jowee, Laaa, Nathan, and Claris decided not to try the ride though. I went with Mikks, Joy, Carlo, Dennis, Ogz, Bess, and Shawie. After fastening our vests, we took off. I stayed in front again. I'm afraid of getting hit should I choose a middle seat. I thought the operators would choose to get rid of us at some shallow spot on the beach. I was wrong. We got bumped off 3 times and on deep spots too. Drank some salt water even. One good thing about this ride though is that Mikks always extended his hand for me to get back on my front seat =o) I remember the last time and it wasn't easy.

When we got back on the island, it was time for lunch at Jemlee's. Kuya joined us. We had some grilled bangus, ensalada, shrimp sinigang, and lechon kawali. 'twas great!

After lunch, we headed back home and I took a nap. I scheduled for a 5-pm massage treatment at Mandala Spa. And guess what? I woke up at 5 pm.

I immediately went to Mandala Spa. Took a shower first and wore nuthin but my sarong (a blue one this time). Met Mae. She gave me a wonderful massage. My back was the first area she concentrated on. Then my left and right arms. Next was my left and then my right leg. She requested for me to lay on me back. She massaged my tummy (prevented me-self from giggling), me chest, and me head. I would've enjoyed the experience more if not for my damn cold. I requested for tissue. Felt so relaxed afterwards. The lavander (pronounced as LA-van-der, with stressed on the first syllable) oil did wonders. I had a very delicious hot tea after my massage.

I dressed up and went to the lobby to pay for my treatment. Kuya got me some discount too. Sweet! Plus, I've got a new blue sarong. Then Kuya gave me a brief tour at their villas. It was a great place if you've got the moolah, y'know what I'm sayin?

We bought some Andok's chicken before heading home. Dinner with family.

And then it rained pretty hard. Couldn't leave the house no more. Just read my book and watched tv.

Drunk: 0 (on my end, that is)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bora is Sweeter the Second Time Around Part 2 of 4

Not feeling so well (a bad headache), I woke up late. Instead of joining my friends at their island hopping at 10:30, I declined their offer. I just gave Kuya some money and he cooked Tinola and Adobong Pusit. We had brunch and watched some tv.

Around 1, we went to Station 1 and swam. Nearby, there were two locals starting their sandcastles from scratch again. I spent the whole afternoon swimming and sunbathing. I wanted a tan before going back to Manila on Tuesday.

Before 4 pm, Kuya suggested to have our afternoon snacks at Cafe del Mar. He introduced me to his friend there who works as a chef. I ordered for grilled Mahi-Mahi with mango salad and Angela had some shrimp salad in lemon sauce. We got some fruit shakes to go with it. The food was delicious. Kuya began drinking a few beers. He also met one of his friends (Jack) who were just passing by.

Later on, I saw Jowee and his family walking along the beach. Nathan and Lance played once more. Jowee had a beer.

Around 7, we went home. I had dinner and took my bath.

Couldn't find a tricycle so I rode on a motorcycle. It was uncomfortable at first. The driver also sensed it was my first time because I kept on changing positions. He even asked for my weight. I jokingly told him that he couldn't run faster because of my weight. Bastard!

Met my friends at Andok's. After their dinner, we went to Coco Mangas where Dennis and Joy would attempt to drink the infamous 15 shooters. Turned out it's only Joy who would be drinking 15 different shots tonight. I ordered for banana daiquiri. Tasted awful! Next drink was pina colada. This tasted better. We ordered for some crispy shrimps and mozzarella sticks. When Joy finished her 15 shots, Carlo accompanied her back to their hotel.

We continued drinking at Pier One. Our waiter, Joey, assisted us. I had some SanMig Light. After some Weng-Weng, Shawie got tipsy again. She complained about a man who was looking at her. We checked and it was a woman. =o) When Joey brought her drink, she took it in one long straight sip using a straw. She asked for some light and Bess gave her some Capris. She consumed it in less than a minoot. I was still smoking my 1 cig for the night and she had 3 already. She kept on asking for one more cigarette. We even asked our waiter, Joey, to give her one. After finishing the cigarette, she asked for another one. She just wouldn't stop. One more thing, she lost one of her earrings. She asked us to find it. No one bothered =o) Called Arlyn in Denmark. A happy night indeed ;o)

Drunk: 1

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bora is Sweeter the Second Time Around Part 1 of 4

With less than 2 hours of rest, I sleepily hurried to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Beng & Shell were supposed to meet me downstairs at 7. While still in the shower, I heard my cellphone rang. I immediately dressed up and heard a knock on my door. 'twas my friends. They stayed for a few minoots and tried to watch tv while I prepared my stuff.

We reached the centennial airport around 8. We're early this time. No sign of our other friends. Before getting my boarding pass, I took a leak. When I got back, I saw Table. We claimed our passes and waited. I couldn't last my mornings without coffee especially at an early hour like this. I normally wake up around noon during weekends. I bought my caffeine load at a Nescafe bar.

Before 9, Table had the feeling that we're waiting at the wrong gate (through people speaking a different dialect). She checked and was right. So we went looking for our correct gate and saw Ogz, Laaa, Mikks (donning a hat a la Leon Guerrero), and Claris.

We had our usual picture taking before boarding our plane. Inside the PAL aircraft, some cold air was blowing above our seats. It looked like a cheap effect in some grabe B sci-fi movie. After 45 minoots, we reached Kalibo. It was a very short flight. I wasn't able to take some shuteye =o( Picture taking some more.

We got on a van that took us to Caticlan. Rhymes, eh? It took us about 2 hours to reach the boat station. It was already noon and my tummy was growling. Wasn't able to eat my food inside the plane. Thought I'd give it to Lance. Instead, my first meal was Cheetos (courtesy of Mikks).

According to Laaa, her parents would arrive in about a quarter of an hour so we waited for them. We enjoyed the performance of some senior locals playing folk songs for Boracay visitors. We also put on some sunblock.

Around 12:30, they appeared. We boarded a small boat and proceeded to Station 3. Angela, with Lance and Fiona, met me there. I was so happy to see them again. I kept on shouting Lance's name while still on the boat. My family all gave me a welcome kiss. I noticed that Fiona had some wounds on the space between her nose and lips. Poor kid.

Excused myself from my friends. Angela and I, along with the kids, got on a tricycle and went to see their humble abode. Angela cooked some Chicken and Pork adobo and that was a fantastic meal after my Cheetos brekky. Ate a lot! Later on, Kuya arrived.

Around 4, I met my friends near Willy's Rock at Station 1. We swam for awhile. I truly missed the clear water and the fine white sand of Bora. Later on, the group of Jowee and Dennis joined us.

Then it was frisbee time. Chel brought her frisbee and we first warmed up by forming a circle and tossing it from one player to the other. It was fun. I prayed that my back won't hurt again. After some minoots, we decided to play. Our game didn't last because it was getting dark.

Then came a black Labrador. Being an animal lover, I immediately called on the dog by whistling. It came over and let me pet him. Even Mikks, Claris, and Dennis went over and tried to pet him too. It was a kind animal. Or so we thought. Noticing the frisbee being tossed around, the dog began his attempt to grab our toy. First he couldn't reach it. He began barking at the handler of the toy. There were a few screams. He eventually captured it. At first we thought he'd give it back without a fight. But we were wrong. I even shouted some commands to no avail. He began destroying Chel's frisbee. We didn't know what to do. We're afraid that he might bite us or sumpthin. Mikks tried to grab the dog and the frisbee in his mouth. When Dennis got it and threw it away towards the waters for the last time, the "devil" dog somehow knew it was him who last handled it. He began barking at Dennis and wouldn't stop. Noticing that there ain't no frisbee anymore, he left us for good. We later found out the name of the dog--Bravo.

Shell excused herself from the group. We felt bad for her. No more frisbee =o(

My friends thought of taking a bath and changing first before dinner. I met Kuya and his family and we had dinner at Shenna's. It was a familiar restaurant. A year ago, my friends and I had a very late dinner here. I got me-self some spicy squids. Angela ordered for bangus. Kuya got some chicken a la king. And Lance had some shrimps.
Bought Lance a toy and mom her pasalubong--a Bora bistida. Lance met Nathan and they played for a few minoots. I even started my secret handshake with Nathan. I left my friends at Mikay's where they will have their dinner.

Back home, I took my bath and changed. Met my friends at D'mall. We bought a beer at some store and walked towards Club Paraw. There were a few sandcastles on the beach. I missed the spicy hotdog and bought one. We drank some SanMig Light and teased Shawie a lot. One time, she told us that she doesn't get drunk easily. So Dennis and I vowed to make her drunk here at Bora.

After some isaw and fish cracker, some more SanMig Light, and some more Weng-Wengs and Kamikazes, people started to get tipsy. Table, Shell, and Shawie got drunk. It was a very funny night. Shawie's pitch gets higher, the more she gets drunk. And that made us laugh a lot. There were curses and laughter and tears even!

Drunk: 3

Friday, March 11, 2005

Preparin' for Bora

Me feeling a bit better now. Was able to sleep soundly last night. No more achin' tummy.

When I checked my e-mail this morning, there wasn't any message from Arlyn. =o( Bummer! Maybe she's just busy or sumpthin. And whaddyaknow... this afternoon, while workin on my presentation material, I got a text message. It was HER! Woohoo! She's goin skiin tomorrow and will setup her blog. Am looking forward to her stories ;oP Oh, before I forget, she says hi to all her friends back home.

Everyone (well, my friends at least) is now preparing for our 4-day holiday tomorrow. It's our second time in Boracay. It's always sweeter the second time around. This time, we'd be more "at home". I'd like to try the jetski, more massage at Mandala Spa (where my bro works), more playtime with my nephew and niece, more Bora accessories (yipee), and am getting myself some wicked tan. I promise to put more sunblock this time on me back. It damn hurts to have a burnt back, y'know. Started packin' me stuff last night. Am really excited!!!

Tony just approached me and told me about a temporary assignment this coming 21st to 28th. Will be testing for a week. Hmm...

George is in the house again. He's opening a new branch of Brooklyn Pizza soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Illustration Friday: Ancient

I thought of creating another illustration on the topic, "Ancient". I was playing around with Dogwaffle, Photoshop, and ImageReady. And here's an ancient version of me. Teehee!

'twas a very restless night. My hyperacidity struck again. I don't remember falling sleep at all. I got up from bed a few times to drink medicine. First Kremil-S. Noticing no improvement, I took some Ponstan.

Today, I don't know how long my energy would last. I have colds and feel weak. Bummer!

The first good news for today is that I got an e-mail from Arlyn. Made me feel better ;o)

Claimed my framed "Pet Adoption" painting at the mall. Looked for beach clothes but found nothing to my fancy.

Beng was trying out a pair of earrings that Ogz is selling. She thought there was a problem. She commented, "Mataas kasi butas ko eh". That brought us all to tears.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Started designing my training material for our ePIM software. Busy day for me again. Candy helped me out on the installation part.

Am still working on my landscape project using Dogwaffle. Am glad that I found out how to use the gradient tool. I'm very proficient in Adobe Photoshop so I keep comparing the two tools.

Got a call from Kia. The guy at the other end of the line was asking me some personal questions. I hope they would process my application for Picanto.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Illustration Friday: The Apple and The Serpent

Here is my first artwork using Dogwaffle. The topic for this week is "Ancient". I thought of Adam and Eve. But illustrating the first couple would be a challenge so I thought of the other two memorable things in the story: the apple and the serpent.

With only a few pages left in my book, "The Waste Lands", I decided to finish it so I can start with the fourth book in the "Dark Tower" series of Stephen King. 3 more to go....

Over lunch, my barkada and I talked about our upcoming Bora trip and the things we wanna do there that we haven't tried the last time. Ogz and I are planning to do some jet skiing. I need to go back to Mandala Spa for another wonderful massage. Of course, there's the henna tattooing. We also plan to play some frisbee. Sweet!

I need to drink lotsa water now. Last night, I couldn't sleep because my hyperacidity struck again. When I started to burp several times and my tummy began to hurt, I got scared. I didn't wanna go back to Makati Med again. Hospitals ain't fun.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Elvis Has Left The Building

I wanted more sleep but it's a work day once again. I brought my Da Vinci Code book and my CD gift for Arlyn. She's leaving for Denmark today.

Withdrew money for our Boracay trip this Saturday. Am excited to see the beautiful beach again and my kuya's family.

Called "24/7" taxi to pick me up at Glorietta. It took awhile before the driver saw me waiting. Anyhoo, I proceeded to Arlyn's house and picked her up.

No traffic going to the airport.

We got there around 2 pm. With not much time to spare, I bid goodbye to Arlyn. *sighs*

Back at work, I oriented our new tech writer named Ces.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Last Night...

Woke up at 9. Had coffee with some light brekky. Left RSCC at 10.

Watched SOP a bit. Went to Glorietta for my monthly dreads repair. It lasted for more than 2 hours this time. My dreads is getting longer ;o) Will celebrate my first dreads year on the 20th!

Went home and had a bath. Heard mass at Don Bosco. The gospel was about encounters. According to Father Bernie, we must be open, humble, and willing if we want Him in our lives.

For dinner, I checked first if Arlyn had hers. It turned out that she's as hungry as I was so we met at Glorietta. I let her try Evergreen and their veggie meat. She liked it ;o) We chatted for awhile. It's her last night in the Philippines. She's going to Denmark tomorrow for a 3-month project. I will definitely miss her.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

At RSCC with the Kids

If I remember it correctly, I got home around 5 already today. What a gimmick eh? Anyhoo, I slept the whole day. Weren't able to attend my art class again. Bummer!

Cooked a super late brunch. Watched tv. Left Makati at 7 for another sleepover at RSCC. I miss my mom.

Bought some Tokyo Tokyo dinner. The kids knocked themselves out with Bounce, a game from my cellphone. Slept early around 11 pm.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Could It Be...?

There are days when opening my eyes bring thoughts of work. There are days when it's the gimmick for the night that I'm looking forward to, that comes to mind. But today, there's only one thought going through my mind. A thought that makes me smile each time I send out text messages. A thought that brightens up me day. Could it be...?

Me back is getting better. That's good news.

During lunch, we shopped for our beach clothes at Rustan's. I got myself a nice shirt from Lucky Brand.

No training today. We had all-hands. Tony talked about performance increase to be given on the first of April. I hope it ain't an April Fools Day event.

Around 8, we left the office to go to the movies. We'll be watching "Hitch". Joy, Ogz, and I went together. La, Jao, Netski, Dennis, and Vinod will join us later. The movie was fun to watch. Lotsa tips for dating guys.

One thing that we didn't do before the movie was eat. We were so famished afterwards. I, along with Joy, Ogz, Vinod, and Dennis, proceeded to Oody's. Had some thai noodles, rolls, and pork balls. Ogz's food was the best. Nicho and Bulilit joined us later too. Main topic was seabiscuit ;o)

Then we went to Ice Bar. I thought I won't be drinking tonight. I had a tequila jello shot and just three beers. We also met Max there too and bumped into Jojo.

Last stop was Starbucks. Me had cappuccino.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Swept Away

I never had anything happen so fast
I took one look and I shattered like glass
I guess I let it show 'cause your smile told me you knew
That you're everything I ever wanted at once
There's no holding this heart when it knows what it wants
And I never wanted anything more than to know you

I was swept away
No one in the world but you and I
Gotta find a way to make you feel the way that I do
I was swept away
Without a warning
Like night when the morning begins the day
I was swept away

And so it begins
This journey of love
The summer wind carries us to places all our own
The words of a look
The language of touch
The way that you want me means so much
And I never wanted anything more than to love you

Seeing my tomorrows in your eyes
I was swept away

I hope I wake up soon
I'm a victim of that crazy moon

The very first time you said my name
I knew it would never sound the same
Something about me is changed forever

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Werkin @ the Pantry

Had an early sunbathing this morning. As usual I was late for work. But what made me even late was that I couldn't find a cab. I stood in front of my condo unit for several minoots and still no sign of vacant taxis. I prevented myself from going up to my unit and applying sunblock over my arms and face.

One bad thing about me is my wicked temper. I curse easily when things don't go my way. So this morning, I cursed for more than 5 times, out of frustration. Another thing, when I reached the office, I couldn't find my mug for my morning caffeine load. Turned out that Ogz had it.

Didn't go to the mall during lunch. I think that's the reason why I felt the coldness in the office. After an hour of battling the cold, I decided to move to our pantry. I requested for network connection so I can continue my work there. Not sure if the cold will ease or worsen my back pains. Wouldn't wanna risk it.

So now, as of this writing, am enjoying the electic fan a few yards away from me and the occasional hungry visitors. Plus, I've got Rudy to keep me company ;o)

Around 7:30, Ogz and I met with Vinod and Dennis at Marina. It's my first time to be talking to our visitor and he seemed like a nice guy. Very friendly and down to earth. We had a wonderful dinner. The tuna sisig was great. Sinigang na hipon was yummy. The crab was tasty. Plus, it was a fun evening with Sharon, Cathy, Joy, Franco, La, Jowee, Chel, and Arlyn. Lotsa jokes being passed around.

After dinner, we proceeded to Ice Bar. We had tequila shots and the usual jello shots. I swore not to be drinking again but I had a few. I just prayed that my vertigo won't attack again. If so, I'd know that it's the alcohol that is causing it. We had our pictures taken. We danced. It was a very fun evening.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Me back is Hurtin'

Woke up hopin that last night's incident was only but a dream. Me back is still hurtin' though. Bummer! It took me more than 5 minoots to get up from my bed.

Before lunchtime, Chel gave away her pasalubong. Me got an Abercrombie shirt, a shotglass with a "Don's Bar" design, some chocolates, and a Neutrogena facial bar. Sweet!

Over lunch, we enjoyed some chocolates & Skittles. When I reached in and pulled out three candies, here's what I got:

I went to Bibliarch and got my book: The Dark Tower 6 "Song of Susannah". They don't have a copy of "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves".

Settled my bills today too.

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