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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Illustration Friday: Ancient

I thought of creating another illustration on the topic, "Ancient". I was playing around with Dogwaffle, Photoshop, and ImageReady. And here's an ancient version of me. Teehee!

'twas a very restless night. My hyperacidity struck again. I don't remember falling sleep at all. I got up from bed a few times to drink medicine. First Kremil-S. Noticing no improvement, I took some Ponstan.

Today, I don't know how long my energy would last. I have colds and feel weak. Bummer!

The first good news for today is that I got an e-mail from Arlyn. Made me feel better ;o)

Claimed my framed "Pet Adoption" painting at the mall. Looked for beach clothes but found nothing to my fancy.

Beng was trying out a pair of earrings that Ogz is selling. She thought there was a problem. She commented, "Mataas kasi butas ko eh". That brought us all to tears.


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Very fun!

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