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Monday, April 11, 2005

My 100 List

Since I've read that you ain't an official blogger without having your own 100 list soooo here is mine.

1. I got my nickname, "Don" or "Dondon", from an 80's actor named Dondon Nakar.
2. Whenever I see a cute dog, I approach and pet it.
3. I know how to call a cat's attention. Seriously.
4. When I came out of this world, my relatives thought I looked like a monkey since I was too hairy and very small. Only 3 pounds.
5. I saved my mom during my birth. If I didn't come out, we'd die both. Thus the name, "Salvador".
6. I love buying stuff. I make sure that I have at least 3 new items.
7. My day isn't complete without singing. From morning, noon, till night.
8. I never call my brother by his real name. I call him Kuya.
9. Whenever I watch a very, very sad movie, I cry.
10. Been wanting to have dreads since 2000. Am happy that I got it when I reached my 30th.
11. I love Regine Velasquez. Been a fan since highschool.
12. I have always dreamed of performing on stage.
13. I love legos.
14. Got 3 medals. All from having the best conduct in school.
15. I had a 5-year no-credit-card hiatus.
16. I'm allergic to dust.
17. I like to travel.
18. I owe my speaking to Sesame Street. Many thought I was also deaf & mute like my cousin.
19. I collect Stephen King and Dean Koontz books.
20. When I was a kid, I always thought that the "Jaws" shark would come out of the big screen.
21. I was a spelling bee finalist.
22. Whenever my mom receives a communion, I used to ask for a taste of the host.
23. I used to perform a mock mass when I was a kid. My dogs were my participants.
24. My favorite cats are Sassy and Ming.
25. My first brush with death was when my break brake didn't work while I was approachin an intersection. Illinois had a snowstorm then. The road was very slippery. My car skidded and stopped a few inches away from another vehicle full of kids. The driver gave me a thumbs-up sign (i think).
26. I love teaching.

27. I prefer Pepsi over Coke.
28. I love ice cream cake.
29. My first crush is Ercel Aurige. We were on first grade ;o)
30. My 25th birthday is my saddest birthday because I couldn't afford to treat my friends.
31. My 30th birthday is my most expensive birthday celebration.
32. Bacon, eggs, and fried rice is my most favorite brekky.
33. "An American Tail" is my ultimate favorite movie.
34. I used to get a lot of coloring books and crayon when I was a kid.
35. I like to review concerts.
36. I cannot whistle.
37. I'm an X-Files fan.
38. I used to be very asthmatic. Got it from my daddy.
39. I can cook a very mean adobo. Yummy!
40. My ultimate regret is that I didn't participate in the World Youth Day. I wish I've seen Pope John Paul II.
41. I hate cockroaches!
42. I hurt my back while cleaning our bathroom tiles in Bulacan. A muscle tear according to my doctor.
43. I share my birthday with no less than Superman, Christopher Reeve.
44. My first videoke baptism was in 98. I sang "I Believe I Can Fly" at Max's in Jupiter and in front of a crowd.
45. The inspiration to write down my thoughts in a journal came from my AC participant named Joachim.
46. I want to visit Europe one day with my speci"A"l someone.
47. I want to render my voice to an animated character ;o)
48. My earliest memory I have was when I was sent back to a hospital and the doctors wanted to do some more tests to me. I wouldn't wanna be left alone in the hospital again so I grabbed my daddy's necklace and it broke. I was about 3 or 4 then.
49. I believe in karma.
50. I put bagoong on my fried chicken.
51. I stole only two things in my entire life. First, when I was 8. I stole a crayon-looking candle in a department store. And second, when I was 30, I brought home a nice pair of antique-looking silverwares from our second floor canteen.
52. In school, I only cheated once. That's during our final exam in my Assembly language class.
53. During math recitations, since my teacher (I think) likes me, she always requests for number 8 in the multiplication table. So I've memorized 8x1 = 8. 8x2 = 16. 8x3 = 24....
54. The word that got me eliminated in one spelling bee contest is "wheel". I thought the teacher wanted me to spell out "w-i-l-l".
55. I've always wanted the name "Dylan". I'd like my son to go by that name.
56. I love puzzles.
57. Calvin Klein is my favorite brand. From clothes, shoes, watches, to underwears ;o)
58. From skinhead, highlights, and now dreadlocks, I've done almost everything with my hair.
59. I had my ear pierced in '99. Been wanting to have my nipples done too.
60. I love rollercoasters.
61. My super favorite chocolate bar is BarNone.
62. I cannot sleep with tv or radio on. It has to be 100% complete silence.
63. The biggest surprise I gave my parents happened during my college graduation. They all didn't know--especially my mom who came up the stage--that I'd be receiving a medal. She's very proud of me ;o)
64. I love attention.
65. I prefer garlic over onions. I only eat onions when they are served with vinegar.
66. The only radio station I listen to is 96.3 WRock.
67. I love surprises!
68. I want to be a barista someday.
69. One of my dreams is to have a degree in Fine Arts.
70. The only donut I buy at Dunkin' Donuts is the choco frosted.
71. For chickens, I love the breast section.
72. I snore. Deal with it!
73. Am very competitive with word or artsy-fartsy games.
74. When being photographed, I find it hard to act normally. My head automatically tilts!
75. I would love to swim with dolphins one day.
76. I hate cleaning (a.k.a. I'm lazy).
77. I love to walk.
78. I got kissed on the lips by a lady who's 8 to 10 years my senior. She's got a crush on me. Was only 12 then.
79. I always sleep way past midnight.
80. I only have a very few regrets in my life.
81. I have a huuuuuuge crush on Alicia Keys. Although, I love Beyonce as a performer.
82. I wear size 8 shoes.
83. I'm a sucker for reality-based tv shows.
84. I stay away from "Behind the Scenes" before a movie I like is shown. Spoils the fun!
85. Got my asthma from my daddy.
86. My favorite beer is Amstel Lite but since it doesn't exist in Manila, I just go for Vodka Ice or Strong Ice.
87. I think Conan O'Brien is funnier than Jay Leno.
88. I have astigmatism.
89. "Blair Witch Project" is the scariest movie for me.
90. I think I'm funny. You think?
91. I'm a very good kisser, modesty aside.
92. Got my Illinois driver's license at 25. Lost it at 26.
93. Got pulled over by the police twice. First one for speeding. The second is for allegedly running a red light.
94. I once passed out during a CAT punishment in high school. Heat stroke, maybe.
95. I hate eating with plastic utensils.
96. I wanna meet somebody born on the same date as I am--September 25, 1973.
97. My tummy is very, very ticklish!
98. I enjoy going to garage sales.
99. I wanna be cremated.
100. I love my mom so so much!!!


Blogger Chel said...

Woohooo!!!! speci"A"l someone ah. :)

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend not to believe your #77 - I love to walk.

6:14 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

oohh i love BarNone.. although i havent seen it for years. i think they're not sold in the Ph anymore. Same goes with vanilla coke. havent finished my 100 things list.. hehe im just lazy. lol

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

donski, i agree that conan is funnier than jay leno. :-)

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#25 --- don't you mean 'brake'? ;-) Enjoyed the list, now I'm considering the same in my blog... thanks Don.

4:37 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

Hehehe... thanks for pointing it out.

11:12 AM  

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