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Friday, April 28, 2006

Boracay, April 2006 (Day One)

With barely 2 hours of sleep, I headed to the domestic airport terminal of Cebu Pacific for our Bora trip. My friends, composed of Earl, Ogz, Raz & hubby, and I will be seeing white sand in a little while. Am so excited to see my family there especially the cutey patooteys, Lance & Princess Fiona. It's a long weekend too so I'm expecting lotsa Bora visitors wearing as little clothing as possible. Whooopeee!!! In the airport, we spotted Angel Aquino and Norman Black. A must-try is the adobo and fried rice that they offer inside the airport.

After our plane landed in Kalibo, we rode on a van to take us to Caticlan. We paid 200 bucks for the 1.5 hour-ride. The fare covered the boat ride too but not the terminal fee and some "environmental" fee. Righttttt. On the boat, a girl from the Celebrity Edition of Pinoy Big Brother sat across me. Y'know, the girl with the big curly hair. Dunno her name though. We also saw the group of Shh-boom has-been, Rachel Lobangco, chartering a boat for themselves.

I left my friends at Station 3 and waited for my sister-in-law, Angela, to pick me up. After a few minoots, she arrived. I asked where Lance & Fiona were, she told me they're at home. Gave her the chocolates that Ogz gave and my pasalubong, some Goldilocks goodies.

I quickly kissed Lance & Fiona when I saw them. Hugged my bro too. I missed them so much. I only get to see them twice a year =o(

We had lunch together. Kuya cooked some nilaga but it was sweetened for the kids. I didn't mind that. I was soo hungry. Teehee... Sometimes I caught Fiona staring at me (maybe she's wondering who I am)

Rested for awhile. Around 3 pm, we attended the wedding of the son of an ever-famous political figure, Gringo Honasan. His bride's a friend of Angela and works at Mandala Spa so Kuya's family was invited.

The wedding was pretty cool. There's always the crazy tita in every family, no? I spotted her quickly. The ladies were dressed in pink while the guys were dressed in white long-sleeves polo shirts. The attire of the rest was islandish. Even the music was kinda ethnic. We're in Bora, in case you forgot ;oP I finally met Kuya's boss named Andrew, half-Filipino and half-Arab. Although, most people mistakenly thought of him as an Indian.

The reception was held at Waling-waling (beach front). The crazy tita I mentioned earlier was one of the hosts. The picture taking took quite a long time. I got so hungry. I wish they served appetizers. The kids started playing at the beach so they all got covered with white powdery sand. I should've worn my boardshorts.

It was around 7 when they announced we could grab a bite. It was buffet style so thank gawd. I had some beef salpicao, lotsa crabs, paella, and some gambas. Angela put a lotta oysters on her plate (a very bad idea). The food was quite good. Another celebrity sighting: Barbie was invited in the wedding. She's pretty.

The three-layer cake was pure chocolate. For the first time, I was able to sample a wedding cake. I got me some chocolate ice cream too ;oP

Around 9, I saw a group of people near the shore. A guy was starting a fire dance and his group was providing the music. I quickly ran towards them and took some videos. I got the front seat in this spectacular event. The main performer walked over the reception area and continued his magnetic dance. I was really in awe. He shouts, "Boracay!", after each performance. He also changes his fire instruments, from fire pois to staves. Hot dogs!

A nice looking girl danced with one of the guys. Later on, some people from the audience (including the krezy tita) joined them.

When Kuya introduced me to his work mates, they all thought I looked like Fiona.

The fire dancing would probably be the highlight of this day. I wanna learn it someday!


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