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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stars Falling From the Skies

Arrived at GMA studios around 10. My friends, Nikks and Bel, were already waiting for me. When Bel told me some months ago that she used to work at GMA, sumpthin clicks inside my head right away. I could actually watch and meet Regine personally. Sweet!

There was a lotta people wanting to get in too. We lined up three times before we were able to see the SOP studio itself. I was told that the studio props were not fixed. Meaning, a crew disassemble the set after each show to give way to other shows.

SOP stars were already practicing their opening number when we got seated. Immediately, I spotted Mark Herras, Marky Cielo, and the son of Geline Eugenio (his mother was barking instructions at the dancers). There's a big clam on stage and Jolina would come out of it singing "Cherish", holding a framed photo of Dennis Trillo. Singers like Kyla, April, Karylle, KC, Dennis, Gabby, etc. rehearsed their number. Bel got excited when she saw Dennis Trillo ;oP

Next, the Atlantika stars came out. Dingdong Dantes looks very fit. Nikks commented that Gardo Versoza looks handsome. I guess they will promote the telefantasya once more. They didn't get a good start last week because of the typhoon. Somebody shouted that Regine would come out after their number to sing the theme song. Sweet!

Ogie arrived and sang with an Italian singer, Patrizio Buanne. Jaya rehearsed her "Habang May Buhay". Where is the Songbird?

It's my first time to be in a studio again after more than a decade. When I was a kid, I attended shows like "Eat Bulaga", "Student Canteen", and "I Love Lea", through the orphanage. The government send out the kids to these shows and usually, gifts were given away afterwards. That's why I love going out with the orphans before. I bring home lotsa stuff too ;oP

Fast forward to 2006. I noticed that some fans are very vocal about their admiration. A "guy" kept on shouting "I love you, " with a Visayan accent. Oftentimes, the star didn't mind him. The funny thing is he kept on doing this throughout the show.

And so the show started at 12. Opening number was inspired by "The Little Mermaid" and "A Shark's Tale". Jolina came out wearing a mermaid's costume. Jaya channeled Ursula. And Ogie revealed a lot in his King Triton's costume.

After the Atlantika members got introduced, I got to see Regine finally. The fans adored her. She's wearing her extensions again. She lipsynched "Maghihintay Ako". When she was singing, Jean Garcia was nudging Ariel Rivera. She'll be promoting her movie, her concert, and her soundtrack today. It doesn't get any better than this. I'm excited to see her numbers.

Before her actual number, she rehearsed her songs. Since she'll be singing a lot of her songs, it shouldn't require much prep.

In B2B2B, they celebrated Regine's songs: "Sa Aking Pag-iisa" (Janno), "Habang May Buhay" (Jaya), "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" (effortlessly sang by Ogie), "Buhay ng Buhay Ko" (Vernie), "Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin" (Ariel and Regine), and lastly, "Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin" (Regine).

Next, Regine sang "Bluer than Blue" and in a very showbiz fashion, guests like Jamie Rivera and Cacai appeared. A vtr was shown and a few close friends (Louie Ignacio, Mark Reyes, Ida Henares and Donna) expressed their thoughts on our diva. Teary-eyed, she thanked the people who contributed to her success. Afterwards, she promoted her concert. Janno joked that Reg must be happy since her celeb is complete. Janno, Ogie, and Ariel were present ;oP

'twas already late and we haven't had lunch yet so I requested my friends to take it while stars like Rufa Mae, Jen Rosendahl, and Joyce Jimenez perform. Bel showed us the canteen where we had pancit, chix curry, and bopis.

We came back when Robin Padilla was welcomed as the latest Kapuso artist. He sang "Alipin" with Reg. Binoe was staring at Regine the whole time. At some point, he gave up his own mic and used Reg's. Their lips almost touch when they sang! Reg finished the number with a live rendition of "Till I Met You".

After Robin's number, he was assisted out of the studio. To our surprise, he was walking directly on our path. So that's how I got his photo. He was friendly and charismatic.

Gigsters was up next. Celebrity sightings include a buffed Richard Gutierrez, Mark Herras, Jolina, Marvin, and some StarStruck stars.

'twas krezy inside the studio. People leaving, floor directors shouting at fans, and stars rushing to get out. Bel was quick to approach Regine for a photo op. She's leaving for a mall visit with Robin. Here's my first picture with the Songbird ;oP

After the show, we decided to stay and watch "S-Files". Since we had an hour to kill, Bel showed us the other parts of the studio. We bumped into Yasmin and April (she asked about my phone after our photo op). She's very pretty ;oP

Watching "S-Files" was a different experience. The set was smaller. The hosts, Mayor Joey Marquez, Pia Guanio, and Richard Gomez, were relaxed. They just needed to see their spiels and that's it. After Oyo Boy was interviewed by Pia and finding out that Reg and Robin won't appear in the show, we ended our celeb watch.

I really couldn't thank Bel enuff for this unforgettable experience. I wish I had a digicam so my first photo with Regine didn't have to look crappy. By the way, if you look closely, there's someone at the back trying to get in the photo too ;oP


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nahihya ako tuloy sa'yo kasi 'di maayos yung photo ni regine na kasama ka. well there's always next week, and the week after. if you want to watch again, i'll give my friend a ring :)

3:06 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

ayos lang yun... marami talgang salamat ... it was a memorable Sunday indeed ;oP

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are most welcome :)

2:48 PM  

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