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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Valentine's Banner Design

For the past weeks, I've been thinking about the design of my banner. Hearts' day is fast approaching and I wanna create sumpthin for the celeb. I also received a lotta heart designs from friends (thank you very mucho) and I wanna present them all.

Remember the memory game "Classic Concentration" where you will choose a blank card from a deck and hoping that the second one you chose will reveal the same design? Well, that's my inspiration here. Thank you again for your contributions. By the way, you'll be receiving a small token from the knottydon ;oP

If you still wanna submit your heart design, please do so. I'm gonna update this banner every now and then ;oP

Linea Italia on Sale

When I reached our cafeteria yesterday, there wasn't any good meal left. So I decided to go to the mall and eat at one of my fave restos, Yoshinoya. While having my Jumbo A meal, I noticed this guy sitting in front of me (with his back to me). I couldn't believe that he wasn't aware that his butt crack was shown to the whole world. I couldn't concentrate on my food. I dunno if I should approach him and let him know. Instead, I finished my food quickly and left the place.

Afterwards, I passed by Linea Italia. The 50% discount poster on the glass window was too large to be ignored. Am really glad I went in. Found a nice shirt with some Aztec tribal design. I asked for how long they would have the sale, the kind store lady told me, "it's indefinite".

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Illustration Friday: Red

Our dear bunny is injured. Will he survive?

Grey is Back

I specifically put "Grey's Anatomy" as my last item on my to-watch list. I'm already updated in "Heroes", "24", "My Name is Earl", "Smallville", "Sleeper Cell", and "Prison Break". I always save the best for last ;oP

In the 2-part 3rd season opener, we found out that Meredith snores, Alex and Allison could be an item soon, Sloane is hurting, and finally, Izzie deposited her check. I enjoyed the moment with O'Malley and his dad. The farting scene was hilarious. It's funny (funny weird not funny ha-ha) Burke and O'Malley had a lot of scenes together. With all the controversies hounding these two actors, I guess, they can really be professionals.

The only not-so-good thing is I cried like a baby again.

At the Scene of the Crime

Just when I thought my travel back home would be just an ordinary trip...

Last night, I was in a jeepney with 6 other passengers. 3 were on my side and 4 on the other. A guy was sitting at the end of the jeep. Beside him was a female college student in uniform. Suddenly, the guy shouted, "Para!" (stop). The driver obediently stepped on the brake. The guy was about to get off when suddenly, he turned to his left and grabbed the bag of the lady sitting quietly beside him. The girl shouted, "Ang bag ko!" (My bag!)

The other passengers, including me, were frozen to our seats. We didn't know what to do. The snatcher ran like hell towards a dark alley.

If I had a gun, I would've shooted the guy on the leg or sumpthin. He deserves to be punished.

I've never been in a crime scene up close such as this one. I felt sorry for the badly shaken victim. I thought later that it could've been any one of us.

Why is that guy so desperate to do a thing like this? Is it just poverty? What if he finds out that the contents of the bag are plain useless. It might not have any cash or anything valuable. He's scarred somebody's life with this unthinkable deed.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Replay on Sale

Got this Replay shirt for half its price. The devil design has caught my eye. The collar looks good. Plus, the shirt feels great ;oP

Check out Replay in Glorietta 2. They offer great discounts on t-shirts and jeans. I'm planning to go back soon... 50% baby!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to TV Land

*** contains spoilers

If you haven't seen yet the episode that Tom Welling himself directed, I suggested you spare some 40 minoots of your time. I like the way he presented a pair of characters in a dramatic moment: Chloe with Clark, Lana with Lex and Clark with Lana. It was a big pat on the back for Smallville. Also, watch out for the kiss ;oP

As for the Justice League episode, it was about time they showed that the world doesn't only have ONE superhero. I like the team working together. I'm just wondering why the need for explosives when Clark can easily blow things up?

In "My Name is Earl", I don't really like the "Cops" tribute. I must say, it was fun to see a familiar face though. Watch out for the actor from Prison Break.

I must give props to the writers for coming up with such an excellent episode where they presented the four main characters' views: My Name is Earl, Randy, Crabman, and Joy. Actually, there's a surprise at the end. I really like this episode. It reminds me of "Lost" where they showed the importance of each character by filming them separately.

The new chapter of "Heroes" got me really excited. In the previous episode, they showed Sylar controlling the mind of Eden. There was a shower of broken glass. I thought he would escape finally. The question is, how did Sylar get caught again?

I like how Claire Bennett rekindled her friendship with Zach. They repeated the jumping off scene which is cool with me.

My favorite scene is when Nate was talking to Hiro. The "villain" moment reminded me of the "hamburger" scene in the Pink Panther. Super funny.

Fish is back. Unforch, he took a backseat in the latest episode. Lync was freakin' mad as hell with Steadman. I'm now rooting for Bellick and his misadventures. I'm happy that Alex Mahone is still alive. We need somebody like him in the show.

I'm finally updated with "Sleeper Cell". While watching the last episode, I thought of Jack Bauer. I think I like Darwyn Al-Sayeed character more. He's my ultimate hero. I like that they show the human side of these undercover (UC) agents. Not just i'm-gonna-save-the-world crap.

In this second season, there was a shocking revelation with one of the Holy Warriors. Ilija is still my favorite character (mainly because he is a fellow videoke fanatic). The "I Left My Wallet in El Segondo" scene in Season 1 was a classic.

After Farik's brutal torture scene, I wonder why it only caused a limp.

There's still a lotta action and nudity (can't complain really). But I miss the old members: Tommy and Christian. They didn't develop Benito's character much. Farik and his daughter's horsebackriding scene was pretty nice. Marcus is THE cutest! I will miss Gayle *sniff* *sniff* And the last 20 minoots of the season ender is an edge-of-your-seat experience! Fuckin' awesome, man!!!

In "24", I noticed a few familiar faces: the stuttering lawyer in "Ally McBeal" (Peter MacNicol), Claire's foot fetish boyfriend in "Six Feet Under" (Eric Balfour), and the funny guy in "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" (Kal Penn). Chloe O'Brien looks good. David Palmer is the ONLY president for me. No one could ever replace him in the show. Not even his lousy brother. As for Jack Bauer, I guess the Chinese government doesn't like to hurt someone on the face. Jack's body was covered in scars. Maybe he requested for it. "Anywhere but here" (pointing to his handsome face) ;oP

After watching the latest episode, I again noticed that the wife (Rena Sofer) of Jack's brother also plays the wife of Nathan Petrelli in "Heroes". That's gotta be sumpthin... she's in two hit shows!

Lastly, a big SHOUTOUT to my buddies, Allen, Jojo and Dax. Thank you for bringing back these shows ;oP

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Party of Three

Cooked spaghetti today for mom and dad. Dad liked it but mom is soooo used to eating this at her old workplace that I caught her giving some to our dog, Bravo.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Meet the LTO Guy from Hell

After lunch today, I proceeded to an LTO in Makati. Right away, I asked where I could apply for a student permit. I was informed to go to Window 1. When I got there, the lady asked for my birth certificate and/or TIN and gave me a form to fill up.

Since I didn't bring any pen with me, I asked around if I could borrow one. I asked this guy. He told me they're using ALL their pens. He also brought out a pen and was only tapping it on his desk. Fuck this guy!

After completing my form, I went to Window 1 again. The lady there told me to go to Window 8 instead. This guy behind the glass asked me to photocopy my ID back to back. Good thing, there's a photocopier nearby. I spent 4 pesos for a b2b copy of my ID. When I went back to him, he scolded me for not duplicating my SSS ID. He wanted to have a copy of an ID with my birthday. Why didn't he tell me that in the first place?!!! Fuck this guy no. 2.

When I went back to him with a copy of my SSS, he again scolded me 'cause I cannot use a Bulacan address. Instead, I wrote down my old address in Pasong Tamo. Oh my freakin' gawd!

He told me to sit down and wait for my name to be called. So I waited. After some minoots, I heard my name. In Room 11, my photo was taken. I was instructed to remove my earring.

Next step was payment. It cost me 142.63 for this student permit. Actually, they rounded it off to 143 to avoid change.

Last step was the effing guy in Window 8, he gave me my student permit without uttering a single word. I asked if I'm done. He said yes. I would've flipped him 2 BIRDS for being the worst government official I've encountered in my life.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

On Rubik's and Forbidden Questions

On my way to work today, a guy sat beside me holding a Rubik's cube. He was trying to solve it to pass the travel time. Every now and then I looked at his progress. Unforch, after giving him 15 minoots, I lost interest. My friend, Aedner, could beat this guy by a mile ;oP

Speaking of Aedner, he promised that he'd teach me again how to solve this freakin' puzzle. We already started some months ago but I already forgot. Teehee...

After having my lunch, we played a game a la "Forbidden Questions with DJ Mo". Since we don't have DJ Mo around, we have Aedner, Anbby, Ogz and I asking some very personal questions. There were phone-in Qs and dares from the listeners. Our first celebrity guest was Nikks.

You should tune in to WPNTRY regularly from 12 to 1-ish 'cause it's forbidden to share them here ;oP

***once you've enlisted yourself as a listener, you might become one of the celebrity guests one day so be prepared.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So Far...

Here are samples of the heart design contributions from my friends (am still accepting drawings or illustrations; deadline is on the 31st; keep 'em coming, guys!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Illustration Friday: Super Hero

It's been awhile since I last created an illo for Illo:Friday. I miss using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For this week's entry, I decided not to draw a human figure. Am not really good at that anyhoo ;oP

When I saw my own laundry at home, I got inspired to do this. The most demanding section of this illo is the actual hamper. I did an actual weave of the lines in order for me to simulate a realistic hamper. Then I played around as to whose dirty clothes I was gonna put in there. Can you enumerate the owners of these shmelly laundry?

I give props to the person who does the laundry for our superheroes ;oP

Monday, January 22, 2007

Strike a Pose

Ogz, Nikks, Beng and Knottydon

With Boyette & Bel in tow

Told Bulilit not to just kneel down

And he listened...

This is one of my favorites. I shot this ;oP

Too much watching of "America's Next Top Model"

Crowded floor (with Patrick & Rudy)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Make Me a Heart Project

My friend, Aedner, advised me to change my banner from Christmas motif to Valentine's. Instead of designing one, I'm gonna request YOU, my friends, to make me a heart design in a 2x2 piece of canvas. I've posted a copy here that you can download so you can have your own template. You can use any graphics application, such as Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint, or you can even draw by hand!!!

Before the month ends, I'll be gathering these hearts and modify my banner to include your contributions. All contributors will get a little sumpthin from the knottydon so please help me create my hearts banner. Thank you so much!!! ;oP

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going Mahogany Brown

When I cut my dreads off, all the previously hidden white hair has sprung to life. My friends suggested that I had my hair colored. The problem is, what color to choose? I was seriously planning to dye it white. But when Nikks and I visited David's Salon, I finally decided to go for brown... mahogany brown.

So after our foot spa sessions yesterday, I told Nikks that I will also get a new hair color. I asked her to pick a color. She wanted me to try lavender brown or mahogany. I opted for the latter.

My hairstylist named Bong directed his assistant to color my hair. He also wanted to cut my hair. I told him that I'm planning to grow my hair long. He insisted to give me a haircut to give body to my lifeless hair. Oh well, I gave in.

So this assistant started to dye my hair. It felt fine at first but then it started to itch a bit. I have a high tolerance with pain so I didn't cry.

After thirty minoots or so, my hair was shampooed and conditioned. Then Bong cut my hair. He styled it while Nikks was making sure I didn't ruin it. I also bought a hair wax for my new hairstyle.

Table picked us up later and we went to MoA. It's been awhile since we last dined at Pizza Hut Bistro. I suggested that we eat there tonight. Unforch, when we asked for our all-time faves: BBQ ribs and Sausage Rigatoni, the waiter informed us that they don't serve rigatoni anymore. Whhhhhhhhhhaaaattt?!!! We couldn't believe it. We asked why. Apparently, not too many people like the food. Un-freakin'-believable!!!

We still ordered the ribs but we paired it with a bacon-topped pasta. Ain't the same. We also noticed that the kiwi-banana-strawberry smoothie wasn't served in a tall glass anymore. And the servings got smaller. WTF! This might be the last time I visit the Bistro.
We walked around the mall after dinner. When the shops flashed their closed signs, we decided to go back to the office and met Ogz. We continued the fun at Nikks' house. Unforch, we forgot to bring the poker set. We just watched an unbearably boring movie, "The Covenant", while eating on corned beef, sinigang, green peas, and chips.

Around 2 am, we called it a night. Spent the night on the couch. Quite a nice upgrade from sleeping on my office chair ;oP

How to Load G-Pass

For those of you who have purchased a G-Pass, here are the steps on how to load moulah to your chip:

1) Make sure that you have registered your G-Pass serial number to your Globe account. You haven't? Don't worry, here is the process:

REG__MPIN__Serial Number__Password__Name

-> space
-> 4-digit code
Serial Number
-> the 8-alphanumeric code found on the G-Pass chip
-> 4 to 18 alphanumeric code (may be similar to the MPIN)

Send that info to 2862

2) Register your Globe account to G-Cash (Hotline: 739.2882) by texting:

REG__MPIN/Mother's Maiden Name/Firstname/Lastname/Address/Phone Number

Send to 2882

3) You need to pay in any Globe center. Found one at Digital Exchange in Glorietta.

4) You'll receive a confirmation. So, after loading money to your G-Cash, next step is to load that amount to your G-Pass.

5) To load:
LOAD__Amount__Serial Number

6) In the confirmation message that you'll get, you need to reply with your MPIN. And that's it!

Friday, January 19, 2007

What's My Secret?

For the past few days, I've been having breakouts. It sucks big time even when at this age, I'm still getting pimples here and there. The funny thing is they just appear on the left side of my face and in a "C" formation. Freakin' weird, huh?

Anyhoo, I visited Watson's yesterday. The products that I just started using are Olay's Whitening Cleanser and Total Effects. Both promises beautiful skin. Rrrriiigggght... I just hope my skin gets better in a few days.

Let's Freakin' Sing our Hearts Out

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Photos

Corinne Bailey Rae

When I first heard her sing at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I became an instant fan. I love her soulful voice and she's young & pretty ;oP

Listen to her "Like a Star" and "Till It Happens to You" first or you can visit her website at CorinneBaileyRae.net for more info on this talented artist.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Visit to Asian Hospital

When I heard about an officemate/friend, Patrick, getting admitted at Asian Hospital for dengue treatment, I thought about my experience last December. I felt depressed when I was inside my hospital room. Any familiar face would deff lift his spirits up.

So I joined the group
(Toffee, Mark, Boy, Jan and I) who visited him yesterday. Actually, it was more than a visit since we were planning to donate some blood. I honestly have no idea what my blood type is. This would be a good time to find out too.

When we reached the hospital, we noticed how big the lobby is. It looks like a hotel lobby. A baby grand was seated in the corner. I wanted to sing ;oP A salon was located on the upper ground floor. The place was clean and doesn't smell like a hospital.

We asked Jan, Patrick's bro, where his younger bro is staying. He said, "501". A very pretty doctor joined us in the lift. We all got tongue tied ;oP

Patrick was sleeping when we entered his room but he quickly woke up when he heard different voices. Somebody (a friend) was accompanying him. We told him that we wanted to donate blood. He told us to go to the lab on the 3rd floor.

We reached the nurse's station and inquired about blood donation. Before the blood donor coordinator appeared, we checked out first the nursery room. Awww, cute little babies were scattered around ;oP

The coordinator informed us that the blood bank is open from 8 till 5 pm. 'twas already past 6. If we know our blood type, we could be placed in the donor list. A blood expires in 5 days. So unless the blood is required, they don't just allow anyone to donate. Patrick still has 3 blood donations. That's good news for him.

We also found out that a private room costs 2500 per night while the most expensive room, Presidential Suite, would cost you 18 thousand!!!

Since we couldn't do anythin', we went back to Patrick's room. We learned that in his first checkup, the docs at Makati Med thought he was just suffering from tonsillitis. After a couple of days, his blood platelet count already dropped to an alarming 12% (150 is normal). Good thing, he went to another hospital. Otherwise, he would start bleeding.

We plan to visit him today after finding out our blood type. An O+ would be a candidate. I wish everyone is aware of their blood types. In emergency cases like this, it's pretty hard to find a donor. The blood type info should be included in the IDs or sumpthin.

From My Secret Admirer

Got this today from a very mysterious admirer. Whoever you are, I'm intrigued and thank you for making my day ;oP

Album Covers

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Visit to my Docs

It's been three weeks since my operation. It still hurts a bit down there so I went to my doctors today and had it checked. My doctor, Dr. Panlilio, told me to continue doing the sitz bath (sitting on warm water for 30 minoots), drinking lotsa fluids, and eating 4Ps: Papaya, Pineapple, Pomelo, and Ponkan.

I was advised to see him again after a month. He also informed me that it looks good down there. Teehee...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Poker Photos

Here we are enjoying the white wine and the ambiance at Table's house in ParaƱaque.
That's Ogz, Aedner, Nikks, Knottydon, and Beng.

The Poker Players , including Jowee and Table.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where is God's Paradise?

"Paradise is in the shadows of swords"

I remember last year, my friend, Allen, has been telling me to watch "Prison Break". For the longest time, I've been postponing it. I wasn't sure if I will dig watching a tv series on prison drama. Normally, I prefer watching shows like "Grey's Anatomy", "Heroes", or "American Idol". After watching the first episode, I got hooked big time!!! Thanks, Allen!

Now, Allen asked if I've already checked out "Sleeper Cell". It's about this undercover agent named Darwyn Al-Sayeed (Michael Ealy) infiltrating a terrorist group headed by Faris Al-Farik (Oded Fehr). Oded is the actor from "The Mummy" and "Deuce Bigalow". The first episode was interesting. It's like watching "24" but instead of watching Jack Bauer doin' his thing, the cameras are focused on the bad guys.

For one, it's got one of my favorite components: NUDITY ;oP Got some action, foul language, and cool music too. Right... and did I say, nudity?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Krispy Kreme - Can't Get Enuff

Today, I craved for the melts-in-your-mouth goodness of Krispy Kreme. I thought of visiting the main branch at the Fort after my Suriya visit. But while inside the steam room of Suriya, I thought of trying out the second branch at MegaMall. One advantage is that I don't need to hail a cab (I can save moulah). Also, I wanna see how the other shop looks like.

After my bath, I had my brunch at Yoshinoya. Then, I boarded the MRT. Visited SM MegaMall. It's been awhile since I last shopped there. I asked the guards where the Krispy Kreme is located. They advised me to go to the ground floor of Building B.

After a brief walk, I found the shop. I noticed that not too many people are buying here. That's actually good for me. No long lines at all. Ordered 2 dozens of my donuts. I asked the counterlady if they still give out free donuts. She said, "yes". She handed me a warm donut. Delish!!!

Friday Poker Winners

First game winner: Allan

Second game winner: OJ with Nikks (always the bridesmaid, never the bride)

OJ with his chips

Friday, January 12, 2007

Starbucks Photos

Allan treated us some coffee and pastries. Thanks, buddy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Two Nights in a Row

After office hours, my friends and I played poker. The players were Table, Beng, Philip, Rene, Boy, Allan, Ogz and the Knottydon. The game started with Mr. Aggressive raising as "AL"ways. Unforch, that cost him a lot 'cause he was the first one eliminated.

During the first game, Boy, Allan and I were trying to beat one another. Turned out that we all got a King and a 10. We split the moulah. Then on the second game, Beng survived 2 trio attacks from Rene and Philip. Talk about luck! That or the piece of paper containing game rules she keeps by her side, aids her a lot. She just learned how to play recently so let's cut the bitch some slack ;oP

It pays to wait. When I get not-so-good cards, I fold. Table also shares the same discipline. But when her opponent checks, I noticed that she raises automatically. She smells blood indeed.

When it was already past 8, I was worried that I won't make it to my FX ride. Since "I'm going home anyway", I surrendered my chips to the pot money. This time, my opponent was Allan. For some strange reason, the dealer (Ogz) burnt not just one card before showing the river (fifth card). I won! Yay!

In the succeeding game, Allan and I battled it off again. This time, Ogz made sure that he will burn only one card. But still, I won the game. Ogz commented that I was very lucky and that it's my year, "year of the pig". Ain't he a meany!!!

The last two standing players were the Queen (Table) and I. We've raised the blinds too. Sometimes, she plays aggressively and I fold. Remember that I was taking my time. At the last moment, I was given a good hand. Ogz commented that I might be holding a Jack and a 10. Little did he know that he was right. Table uttered, "All In!". Should I give in? I thought it over. After a few seconds, I accepted her challenge. We showed our cards. Ogz dealt the flop, then the turn, and lastly the river. Luck of all lucks, I still won! I almost cried. Teehee ;oP

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

First Time Ever

It's Poker Night once more but this time, we just held it at the pantry. Before joining my friends, Allan and I looked for a place to eat. Found Tapa King (thanks to Beng). We also discovered a cigarette stall selling cheap brands. At the mall, the price of Gudang is like 85. They sell it for only 65 bucks. Sweet!!!

For our first game, Nikks, Mark, Ogz, Beng, Allan and I played. I was the first player eliminated. Crap! Nikks was winning too. During the game, I was thinking about beginner's luck. True enuff, Allan won the first round.

Second game, more people joined. Mark & Allan didn't play anymore. Philip, Mike, Boy and Earl joined the gang. So 8 players, this time.

During the first round, Philip was so aggressive. He kept on raising. Since it was already getting late, I was the first to go "all in". Boy followed suit. Philip joked that after this round, Earl would most likely be the second placer since almost all of the chips of the other players were brought to the table and Earl folded.

The moment of truth, people showed their cards. Two players got 2 pairs but their highest was lower than mine. In short, I won. What an exciting game!

One by one, the players surrendered their chips to me. I was really getting good cards. This hasn't happened to me before....

Last round, Earl and I battled it off. Knottydon wins. Yay! I was so happy that night ;oP

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bulilit Got Cut

Got nuthin to write about today 'cept maybe Bulilit's decision to cut his long hair off. My friends and I joined him at Piandre after our break at Jollibee. When you enter their salon, you can see on the left a small area where you can buy hair products, clothes, and wigs. To the right is their lobby with magazine racks. If I'm not mistaken, the haircut for men is 390 and 450 for the ladies. I'm planning to color my hair brown because some gray hair are already peeking. Maybe I'll try this salon one day and let you know how the service is.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Photo

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Prison Break

This is definitely one of my favorite shows ever. The first season was great. So does the second. I wonder if they could keep up with fans' expectations. I'm loving the show because the characters are super! In the opening credits, I wondered why Sara's (Sarah Wayne Callies) name is located at the end. Now I know why. I like Agent Paul Kellerman. Either you like him or hate him. I also admire T-Bag. Such a great actor. I've noticed that Wentworth Miller has a great crying skills while Dominic Purcell acts like a stone ;oP True enuff, Linc's the brawn in the family.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Much Needed Rest

After a sleepless poker night, I wasn't in the mood to do anything other than catching up on "Prison Break" and just being plain lazy today. It's a boring weekend for me ;oP

Friday, January 05, 2007

Poker Night

Aedner, Ogz and I had dinner first at Yoshinoya. Beng was celebrating a party with her new boss & company at Red Box. Table was also in the mall with Dots. Nikks was with Joyish. Later tonight, we plan to group together for a poker party at Table's house in ParaƱaque.

After dinner, Ogz and Aedner bought some booze & chips at SM. I joined there later after checking out the cigarette section and People are People in G4. Around 9:30ish, Tabel picked us up with Nikks & Beng. Along the way to Table's house, we kept on teasing Beng because she was already smashed and had to pee badly.

When we reached Table's house, the first thing we noticed was the big well-kept garden on the left. Plastic tables at the center, wooden benches (reminiscent of the Regine-Richard movie, "Ikaw Lamang, Hanggang Ngayon"), and capiz light fixtures.

We immediately prepared the tables for our poker game. Ogz gave us a refresher course. Beng and Jowee (arrived without Nate nor Bess) were first time players. I haven't played for months now too.

Tabel served us some white wine. The Asti was the best! I also asked her if they have some leftover food. Nikks didn't wanna drink because she was hungry. Table brought us some caldereta cooked by her mom. 'twas delish!!!

We had some pork rinds too but unforch, some gray cat grabbed the bag and rushed away with it. 'twas freakin' hilarious!!!

Poker game is always fun and exciting especially when you play with crazy friends. There was a few booboos too: Aedner and Nikks had to show their cards prematurely. I got some full houses!!! Table had to fold many times because of her absences. Am not sure if Nikks or Beng was the first to go. Tabel and Jowee had to split Beng's chips because she was on the phone for like... forever! Jowee was next to go. Then it was Ogz. The last three was Aedner, Tabel, and I. I lost to Aedner. Table, the Poker Queen, lost too.

Around 4, Aedner suggested that we play 7-Up, a drinking game. The players will count from 1 to 7 while pointing either to his left or right. The pointed target has to be focused because the direction is unpredictable. On 7, the player will shout, "7-Up", but this time the hand is placed not across the chest but on top of the head, again pointing to either left or right. When the player makes a mistake (like, if it takes him too long to point or the hand placement is wrong), he has to drink. We drank beer and vodka ice (a crowd favorite). I think Nikks had the most number of mistakes.

After the game, we had a very interesting discussion.

We finished the party around 5. I was concerned if the MRT is already operational because it was too early. Nikks, Aedner and Beng dropped me off at Mantrade. Kept on dozing off inside. Teehee... Reached Bulacan around 7 and took my much needed rest ;oP

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Training Day

I can't believe that it's my last training project. A month ago, I was re-assigned to another department. It's such a bold decision to transfer because I've been a trainer for more than a decade. I just needed this change because I felt there would be more challenges ahead and more opportunities, like the US projects, would come my way.

For this training, I
only have two participants: Allan (an architect) and Mon (a trainer).

Late afternoon, I got a text message from Ogz that he's having coffee with Jowee & Raz at a nearby Starbucks. Joined them shortly after. The extra pounds looks good to Jowee. He doesn't look haggard anymore. I asked Ogz and Raz if Jowee treated them some coffee or pastries. They said no 'cause the dinner is on him later. Since I was already hungry, I asked if Jowee could buy me some food ;oP I got myself some sugarfree and flourless choco cake. 'twas good. Not too sweet even.

After work, Jowee, Ogz and I went to Glorietta for dinner. We're supposed to go to Giligan's but I suggested Marina since we haven't eaten there in quite a long time. Nikks joined us for dinner. We ordered tuna sisig (less oily), oysters, grilled squid, and halaan (clam soup). After awhile, Nate with his mom, Bess, completed the group.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hospital Photos

Thanks to Beng who took these photos while I was in my hospital room last week.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

L1 VISA Case Approved

It's back to work for me. Left Bulacan around 6:30 in the morning. Reached the Makati office at 8:26. Sweet!!! That means, I can leave early tonight too ;oP

After brekky with Nikks, Joyish & Kendz, I checked my e-mail. Got a message from JC. My L1- VISA case has been approved... finally! Thank God!!! The best news ever!

I also got the book given to me by Anetski. On my way home tonight, I'll be reading the 13th volume of "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Super dooper thanks!!!

There's an article about my hairstyle In our newsletter. Unforch, I cannot republish the story about me but I'll post here my ever-changing hairstyle:

Monday, January 01, 2007


I don't think I've ever created a list of new year's resolutions. The thing is, I follow it for the first few weeks then I falter and then I forget about it. But 2007 is different. I'm planning to start the year right by avoiding salty and fatty food. Thanks to my freakin' butt operation.

First off, I need to be drinking lotsa water. I notice that I seldom get breakouts nowadays. I attribute it to my drinking at least 2 liters of agua. And my back doesn't hurt anymore. Yay!!!

As for exercise, once my butt heals, I will be going back to the gym. I miss working out.

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