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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Dreamed a Dream

The main agenda for today is to watch "Les Miserables". I had my free brekky first, composed of a boiled egg, cornflakes, toasted bread, and some danish pastry. I was expecting ham, bacon or sausages to be served. Bummer!

We took a bus going to the subway. Buses here only accept coins. Since we didn't have enuff quarters, we had to look for a place where we could have our change. Bryan requested for a roll of quarters in a grocery store. I immediately inspected if there's a Maine or Massachusetts but luck wasn't on my side.

The subway took us to 42nd street. We took photos of Times Square. Since it's still early (just around noon), Joy suggested that we check out Ground Zero. We took a cab and headed to the World Trade Center area.
As I was reading the timeline, my tears kept rolling down my cheeks. So many people have lost their lives here.

At 1:30, Joy and I went to 44th Street and looked for a place to eat. There's a McDonald's near the theatre so we ate there. It took us like 10 minoots to gobble our food.

Broadhurst Theatre is small compared to the Majestic Theatre where "The Phantom of the Opera" is being played. There isn't much leg space at the mezzanine area. I bought my souvenir items (programme & t-shirt) before the show started.
Super thanks to Noel for giving me the soundtrack. I was fully prepared to listen to the actual songs being delivered by the actors. Alexander Gemignani was amazing as Jean Valjean. He's got the pipes alright--and the muscle to carry Marius around. His "Bring Him Home" gave me goosebumps. As for my Kababayan, Lea Salonga, she delivers as Fantine. The voice is truly beautiful. I wanna shout, "Go, Lea!", after her "I Dreamed a Dream". As for the other cast, I kept comparing Eponine's (Mandy Bruno) voice to Lea. In her "On My Own" number, she enunciated each word carefully and that kinda threw me off. I don't like her "A Little Fall of Rain" version either. It would've been great if Lea plays a dual role ;oP
After the play, Joy and I waited in line to get Lea's autograph and take a picture with her. First to come out of the stage door was Marius (Adam Jacobs). While I was looking for his picture in the programme, he looked for his own pen. Told him I forgot mine. Teehee. Took a quick photo with him. Then came Lea. She's really pretty up close. Beautiful skin and smile. She signed my programme and I took a photo with her. Ahh, mission: accomplished!
Joy and I walked around the city a bit before we met up with Bry, Marvin and JB. At last, I had my picture taken with the Naked Cowgirl. I thought it's gonna be for free but she informed me about the 5 dollar tip. She kissed me twice anyway. We had a chit-chat. She told me she's done this for like 3 summers already. Her name is Louisa.

We had a late dinner at a Filipino resto named "Kristal's". I ordered diniguan &
adobong pusit 'cause I soooo miss 'em, and Joy suggested sisig. Afterwards, we sang a few songs. I sang "Banal na Aso..." and the crowd liked it. Marvin sang a few songs like "Lakas Tama" & "Kahit Kailan". Joy sang "Friend of Mine".


Blogger Chel said...

ang pretty pretty ni lea!

11:22 AM  
Blogger tabel said...

super duper uber inggit ako sa pic mo with lea!!! sana may pic ka din with lea with kiss, like the naked cowgirl hehehe

10:42 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

hehehe, punyeta 5 dollars din yun kiss na yun... buti naka-dalawa pa ko!

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pare bakit parang lumobo ka ulit? parang puputok na yung tshirt mo ah. wala ka na ding leeg. buti na lang kiniss ka ni cowgirl.

12:42 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

sobrang sarap ng kain ko eh... lobster + crabs + diniguan + pusit = heaven!!!

am on vacation so bumawi sa food. di ako masyado nag-shopping. anyhoo, balik gym ulit ;oP

9:30 PM  

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