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Sunday, July 01, 2007

American Celebration on Parade, Yellow Barn

Next stop was American Celebration on Parade. Inside the warehouse-like place, you can find huge decor featured in different parades. Some float items are animated too. My favorite is the polar bear float.
Before we went to the last attraction, my camera battery began showing signs of dying. Good thing, there ain't much to see in the Yellow Barn. We found a live bee hive though and a big fat chicken.
We were planning to see the Natural Bridge but since my battery won't last long, we decided to just go home.

Back home, Mark forgot to leave the key so we couldn't get in. We just stayed at the other
apartment for awhile. We also checked out the Ashburn backyard.
Later on, Pattie & Mike arrived with some groceries. Unforch, they forgot a bag at Walmart. Randy, Ruthie, Tom and I went to Walmart to claim their missing groceries and to do our own groceries.

It took them quite awhile to claim their stuff. Before picking up Mark at Sterling, we did some mo' groceries at Grandmart.

Around 10:30, we setup the MagicSing, had some beers, and played some card games. The party that caused one of our neighbors to complain about our noise.


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