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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Only Way to Fly

For nine years, whenever my company sends me to the US, I always go by Northwest. This time though I'm flying via Korean Air. I heard that their service is good. I'm excited.

I have a 12:20 am flight so I had to be at the airport 3 hours before. Allen, Kuya Tony and his wife accompanied me to the airport. Got there a few minoots before 9.

I weighed my luggage and the personnel there told me to do sumpthin about the excess weight. Crap! I opened my luggage and took out my Diesel gym bag. I put my soft blanket there along with 2 rubber shoes. I also brought out my HP book. I re-weighed and it's now otay.

I requested for an aisle seat. I'll surely make multiple trips to the restroom. The guy behind the counter asked me if I'm otay with an emergency exit seat. I said, "yes".

Each seat has its own monitor. You can watch movies and short films, play video games with fellow passengers, watch flight info, and listen to music. I watched "Blades of Glory" starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. It was a hilarious movie.
As for the food, I got some Korean dish for breakfast. They have this small tube where you can squeeze out some spicy stuff. Unlike Northwest, red wine here is free. Sweet! They also serve this pizza in a box.
Inside their bathrooms (they have one lavatory exclusive for the ladies), they have some skin moisturizer or perfume (I didn't try it out).

Manila to Seoul, Korea takes about 3 hours. They have an hour time difference so I reached Korea around 5ish. The airport is clean. They have motion-detecting escalators. For awhile there I thought they have defective escalators like in most MRT stations in Manila ;oP

My flight schedule to Dulles, Washington is at 10:50. I tried to catch some Zzzs. It's hard though when you're flying solo. I don't wanna oversleep and miss my flight!

Korea to Washington takes 13 hours. I watched "The Number 23" first. It's hard to watch a serious Jim Carrey. "Disturbia" was next. Shia LaBeouf (pronounced as "Shy-ah La-Buff") is the kid to watch out for in Hollywood. He's recently in the blockbuster film, "Transformers", and will be in the next Indiana Jones movie too.

I wanted to watch a third film but decided to try a documentary called "The Power of Hugs". It showcased Juan Mann, the guy who started "Free Hugs" in Australia; twin babies (one's health improved when their nurse placed the other inside the same incubator; the healthier baby offered her sister hugs); a father who didn't have time for his eldest daughter (their relationship changed when they began hugging everyday); and a marriage on the rocks saved by hugging sessions.

I tried their games.
They have Tetris, Golf, Yahtzee, Black Jack, and a memory game. Wouldn't it be more fun if you're like playing Doom?! You can play by yourself or find a fellow passenger who's not snoring or eating.

I caught sunrise at 30 thousand feet ;oP
Arrived at Dulles airport before noon. I thanked God for a smooth ride, no delays and no freakin' turbulence. I really enjoyed the flight.

Ruthie & Pattie picked me up. Had lunch (somebody cooked a delish beef sinigang and some shrimp) at Unit 103. Mark helped me carry my luggages up on the third floor. He also brought some Key Lime cookies from FL.

Did my laundry, arranged my closet, and took a warm bath.

For my first night, I chatted with Boy & Mike. I didn't know that I had to bring them some cigs so I shared my Gudang Garam with 'em. We each drank a bottle of Miller Lite (in a plastic bottle!). Ahhh, it's sooo good to be back in the US.


Blogger ruthie said...

I wanna fly Korean Air too!! I'm going NWA again this 10th!! Crappers. Nice to have you back here in Ashburn Don!!

10:48 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

thank you po. am really x10 happy to be back here.

11:06 PM  

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