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Monday, September 03, 2007

Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Left Virginia around 5:30 pm. This time, we're four. Pattie finally joined us. Our agenda for today is to visit Baltimore. I had a glance of the city yesterday but that can't be counted as a trip.

I noticed right away the Big Ben-ish landmark. It's called the Bromo Tower. When we reached the Inner Harbor, I thought right away that this would be a nice evening. So many things to take pictures of. First on the list is this big white Coast Guard ship.
Right around the corner, there's this horse-drawn carriage. Reminds me of New York. The horse looks so strong, unlike the horses back home.
We proceeded to one of the famous attractions here, the Baltimore Aquarium. We didn't go inside anymore 'cause it will take much of our time. I've already seen one in Minneapolis and in Singapore. So that's enuff for me. Outside, they have this nice map of neighboring States.

Even though there were a lot of people outside, we still couldn't find someone who could take a good picture of us. Sometimes, people would just want it to get over with. We had this incident involving a couple. The girlfriend was pulling her boyfriend away from us even though it will only take his boyfriend less than a minoot to take our photo. Trix would sometimes offer to take somebody else's photos first so they could return the favor.
Then it was time to eat. I found this buffet where a lotta peeps were lining up for. Maryland is famous for their crabs. Yummmmm! But when I saw the price, I was crushed. It's 27 bucks! We settled for crab cakes in a nearby food court. It ain't the same =o( To make me feel better, I got myself Barker's Frozen Custard.
We found these two big dishes in the park. One guy's ear was glued on one dish. His friend was whispering/speaking on the other, which is like, 5 yards apart. Looks cool. Trix and I tried it. And yes, we could hear each other!!!
One thing I love about parks is that you can meet and pet dogs too!
Trix still had a train to catch so we headed back to DC. Ogz did the driving earlier so now it's my turn behind the wheel. Pattie's the navigator.

Took these photos at Union Station. Bid goodbye to Trix and hopefully we'll see her again soon.


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