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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hershey Park

Woke up to the sound of Ogz knocking at my bedroom door. It's already quarter to 7 and we need to leave early for our Maryland-Pennsylvania trip. Sadly, Pattie and Mike couldn't come along. It's just me, Ogz and Trix (who'll join us later) who are going.

Before brekky, we went to a nearby tire store to put air in our tires and buy an ATF. We don't want another leaking incident. Good thing, the guys there were very helpful. Also, they did it free of charge ;oP Before we left, the guy there informed me that our tires have cracks already and could burst anytime. That scared the hell out of me.

With Ogz behind the wheel, we took Route 7 and look for exit 267 E. Unforch, after driving for like 45 minoots, we couldn't find it. We even reached Alexandria. Crap! We turned back and asked for directions. I don't know how I missed it. I was paying attention to all the signs!

Reached Baltimore around 10. We did a quick look at the area and then headed to the bus station where Trix was already waiting for us. Unforch, we got lost again. Jeezus H. Krise!

Finally found Trix around noon. We had lunch at Sbarro @ a Greyhound Bus Terminal. Their baked ziti is bland. I put all the spices I could get my hands on. We caught up with our beautiful friend from Canada while enjoying our food.

This time, I drove to Pennsylvania and Ogz is the navigator. We let Trix get sum sleep for awhile. For the freakin' third time, we got lost again. We found this local market and asked for directions. Along the way, I noticed that their asphalt road is not in the usual black color. Instead it's brown. Wait! Is it because we're in a chocolate place? I also found this tree with brown leaves. Sweet!
At 5 pm, we reached our final destination. Trix and I got excited when we saw this huge roller coaster. Oh my god, I love roller coasters!!! We hit another snag when we couldn't find the entrance to the parking lot.
We checked out first the "Hershey's Chocolate World". The parking is for free (good for 2 hours only). There we found out how chocolate was made through a 10-minoot fun ride. They gave us a sample of Kissables afterwards.
If you've been to the Hershey shop in New York, this place here is 10x bigger. They've got a really BIG 3D show and a Create-Your-Own shop where you can place your picture on a Hershey bar wrapper or do some customization on your Kisses chocolates.
Next stop was to try the rides! Before we entered the theme park, we had our snack at Dunkin' Donuts. Trix mentioned that they don't have this in Canada. I also miss my super favorite donut flavor--choco frosted.
When Trix presented our discount coupons, we thought they would call Security at any moment. We don't know if the promo that we got from the net is legal or not.

The theme park reminds me of my adventure in Disney World, Florida. So many peeps carrying stuff they won in some games, kids dripping in their bathing suits, peeps eating junk food, and lotsa shrieking from the different amusement rides.
Speaking of rides, we had to try the roller coasters here. First one is called "The Wildcat". It's my first time to try a wooden roller coaster so I got excited. I sat on the first row (more orgasmically exciting that way). A kid named Alexander sat beside me. His family didn't wanna ride with him anymore (maybe he's done this many times). It's really fun. I was shouting the whole time. I soooo miss this!
Ogz got dizzy afterwards so we had to rest for awhile. We decided to inspect the different games to analyze our chances of winning and getting ourselves some stuffed toys too. We found this game where you could win a huuuuge white tiger. All you have to do is to toss a softball inside this big milk can. So many peeps were trying but it's quite hard. We didn't try it.

Some more games, like the three-plastic-cup-pyramid toss, ring-toss-on-a-golden-bottle-that -could-win-you-an-iPod-shuffle game, virtual reality game, and whack-the-mole game, look fun but then, we're not that skilled to guarantee us a win.

And then there's this game that a game operator will try to guess your age, weight or birth month. I thought this would give me a good chance to win since most of the time, peeps cannot guess my real age. I picked out my price first, a pink pig. She wrote down her guess on a piece of paper. Then she asked for my age. I said, "33!", with a smile. She looked at her paper and uttered, "24". Yay!
All three of us played this water shooter game called "Rising Waters". If you win once, you'd get a medium-sized toy. Twice, you can trade the two for the biggie version. Got a big doggie! Am so happy ;oP
We found three mascots scattered around: Reese's, Kitkat and Hershey's. After each picture taking, I shake the hand of the mascot. The strange thing is, Kitkat kissed mine.
The last ride we tried is called "Great Bear". It's similar to the Hulk ride in Disney World where you dangle instead of just sitting on your bum. The loops and turns wiped out any trace of sleepiness in my head. It's so fun that you wanna go back to the line and do it over and over again!

It's already 10 so we had to leave. On our way to the car, we overheard a guy commenting about how big the moon is. We thought he's just drunk or sumpthin'. But when we looked at the dark sky, the moon is indeed BIG!
Since it's Labor Day weekend, there's a fireworks display at the park. Sweet ending to this day! I then drove us back from Pennsylvania to Virginia. Reached home around 1 am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kitkat may have thought you as his girlfriend :)

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had so much fun during my short visit, thanks again! saya-saya niyo kasama, super kulit pa rin! :)

5:18 AM  

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