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Monday, October 01, 2007

Old Town Leesburg

Visiting the old town of Leesburg is like going through a time machine and seeing Leesburg back in her glory days. This time though, Alwyn and I brought our cameras to capture this beautiful place.

We parked near this St. James church. Ogz found this house whose color matches my shirt ;oP
Started walking around and found this Lightfoot resto (where Ogz & Raz have eaten before). According to him, the food here is expensive but delish. Hmmm, when can I eat here? Again, the building matches my shirt. Rad!!!
This is the Leesburg County Courthouse. Its clock actually works and chimes every hour!
Leesburg is known for her antique shops and historic architecture. Everything is given the old-look finish. From cafes, movie house, bars to offices. Even the banks look vintage.
I found this wedding cake where the figurines are sitting down. Notice they took off their shoes? Cute!
I'd like to thank Alwyn (pronounced as "Ol-win") for some of these photos. My battery died halfway through and he rescued me. He produces some amazing shots! I wish I could have the same eye for details.
On the way back to our car, I found this nice building with a charming front steps. Perfect for the last shot.


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