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Monday, September 17, 2007

Viva, Las Vegas! (Day Two)

The ladies had their flight schedule changed. Instead of going to Phoenix first, they got a direct flight to Chicago. We had to check out at 11 so after our shower, we had champagne breakfast buffet at our hotel.

I wasn't too happy with the buffet even though they have crab legs and donuts (both my favorites). I enjoyed listening to the no-holds-barred stories of my friends. Here are a few:

(scenes at the Unimart)
Customer: "Miss, meron kayong washroom?"
Joy: "Yung fresh or dried?" (thought she heard mushroom)

Customer: "Do you have lotto?"
Joy: "Yung babasagin or styro?" (thought she heard plato 'cause of the customer's accent)

We went to the airport around 10. I bid goodbye to my friends and went to the JetBlue counter. Before I could put my stuff in a locker, I had to go through the security check. Sooo many people were leaving at this hour so it was chaotic. I also went through the security screening a number of times 'cause I kept forgetting that I've got a bunch of stuff in several pockets. Dang!

I then asked one officer where the lockers are, he informed me that Gate D doesn't have them anymore. Son of a!

Instead of carrying my stuff around, I looked for the nearest hotel. I found Howard Johnson, about a mile from the airport. I paid 40++ bucks for the room but I couldn't check in yet till 3 pm. I left my stuff at the concierge. Good thing that the person behind the counter is a Filipina ;oP

At 1, I was back to the Strip. The free shuttle dropped me off at Tropicana. Good thing, I haven't visited this part of the Strip yet and that's my objective for today.
I was advised by a lady on the street to take the tram to Mandalay Bay instead of walking. By the way, she noticed me because the coins in my pocket were making funny noises ;oP
After Mandalay Bay, Luxor is pretty close so I went there next. This is my favorite structure. One of my dreams is to visit Egypt and see an actual sphinx.
On my way to New York-New York, I made brief stops to take photos of Excalibur (where our friend, Tamyts, stayed) and MGM.

At New York-New York, I looked for the box office. Since my flight is at midnight, I still have time to catch a 7:30 pm screening time of "Zumanity". Thank gawd, I found a good seat.
It's almost 3 pm so I had a quick lunch at a Chinese resto. Walked to Monte Carlo hotel to grab a cab. I had a problem giving out directions to my hotel 'cause nobody knows where it is. A driver informed me it's near Stratosphere but that's on the opposite side. I told one that it's very close to the airport. "Oh, it's on Paradise!" I just hope he's right. Around 3:30, I was back again at Howard Johnson (whose name is now "Knights Inn"). This place reminds me of "My Name is Earl".

I was finally given a room. My room has a queen-sized bed, tv, microwave (perfect for my leftover food), refrigerator, and shower.

I caught the shuttle that leaves at 5 pm. I made my way to Paris Hotel. Along the way, I found some cars you can rent (I dunno for how much), an Elvis mascot that looks like Jay Leno, an M&Ms store, and the Harley-Davidson cafe.
I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower up close. I dunno if I'll be able to fly to Paris someday so this is a good substitute for now. I went inside and inquired about the tour. The trip to the top is worth 12 bucks. I was instructed to pose first for a souvenir shot. Then I waited by the lift. An operator informed me & a couple beside me that it's 460 feet--half the size of the original. Sweet!
Y'know that I'm afraid of heights, right? So when the lift was going up, I could feel my body shaking. I thought I wouldn't be able to walk across the platform.

It was freakin' windy up there. But I must say, the view was great. I didn't have coins for the telescope so I just took pictures of the Strip and nearby buildings. I also requested the elevator operator to take my photo for my souvenir.
Went back down after like 15 minoots. I got my souvenir photo and bought a medium Eiffel tower.

Then I jogged to NY-NY. Before going inside the theatre, I checked out their shop. I bought some Zumanity souvenirs and a small bottle of Zinfandel to enjoy during the show. I am seated about 10 yards from the stage. There's a piano at the center of the stage with a martini glass on top. Red curtains at the back. Spiral staircases on both sides too. In front of the stage are love seats for couples in the house. The photos you'll see here are from the Zumanity website.
When the guy at the ticket booth handed me my ticket earlier, he mentioned that I need to be open-minded. Zumanity is a sensual Cirque du Soleil show. Sweet!

The pre-show started with this half-nekkid gigolo approaching the ladies. He took pictures of them using his Polaroid camera. Then he would request the subject to take it from him. The catch, he'd placed the photo on top of his crotch and the subject couldn't use her hands.

A French couple appeared and commented on the tits and the bulges of fellow couples in the audience. They also handed out dildos and went as far as sword-fighting with it.

Some cast members can be seen walking around and mingling with the audience.

Then a cross-dresser officially opened up the show and introduced his two songbirds. A creature with a big cape glided through the stage. A female performer called the Queen of the Wind danced flamenco style. Confetti flew everywhere. A black sexy guy with horns appeared too. Later, a female African dancer energetically danced to a tribal beat.

My favorite act of the night involves two topless female contortionists and a big water bowl. They would do these insane sensual poses and then they would take a dip in the water. "Eet eez Niceeee!!!" (to quote Borat)
A lady in a schoolgirl outfit soared through the air while gyrating/performing with several hoops. It's amazing how she could do all those spins! I'd be vomiting if I were her.
For the ladies, a sexy guy gave out some roses and did a striptease. The old woman sitting beside me was shouting and asking for more ;oP

A guy in boxers approached the stage and did these wicked movements. His body twisted and bent in all the wrong places. It's not comfortable to watch him. I thought I would hear bones breaking.

A big cage was brought down from the top and two guys were trapped inside. Even though they're fighting, you can feel there's sexual tension between them. At the end of their act, they kissed.

A lady who's into bondage moans & breathes heavily as she tortures herself with straps of leather.

There are three couple acts in the show. First, a Kama-Sutra-inspired hand-balancing act. Second, an aerial dance. Then a third one involving a big white tub. They poured milk/water on the bodies of their partners. So hoooooot!!!
For the finale, cast members got a man and a woman to join them in an orgy on the spinning stage.
After the show, I went to Bellagio and waited for the dancing fountain. The water danced to the tune of "Viva, Las Vegas". If you haven't seen it yet, I'm including here a video for you, guys.
I hailed a cab again at Monte Carlo and went back to my hotel room. It's a 4-hour flight so I quickly took a bath and prepared my stuff. I reached the airport around 11. Tried to get some shuteye before I reach Washington Dulles airport but failed.


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