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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Los Angeles

Met Ogz's sister named Gev (short for Genevieve) early today. She just got back from work. She'll drive us around LA later on.

Jesse's sister named Tina works at Hometown Buffet. She offered us a huge discount for our brunch. I had some sausages, spaghetti, corn, chicken, and salad. Plus, I got a small piece of the chocolate cake. Before we left, Tina gave us a tour of their kitchen. She showed us the ovens, the walk-in freezers and pantry. She's also proud to get 94% rating from FDA or sumpthin.

Our hosts needed to get some stuff from their old apartment so we went there first. We helped in the move. I also met these two kids who were role-playing as pirates. I thought they would stab me with their swords.

Gev had to do some errands first before we headed to LA. It takes about an hour to get there so I took a nap.

We parked inside the Hollywood & Highland Center. This is where Kodak Theatre is located (where auditions of "American Idol" are held). Outside, peeps in costumes earn a few bucks from tourists. Some guys are also giving away CDs but I didn't take any. We've seen superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and characters like Jack Sparrow, Barney and Spongebob.
If you look down, you'd see the famous "Hollywood Walk of Fame". Aside from the names of the stars, you can also see icons like tv, radio or film. I've seen the stars of Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, Hally Berry, Drew Barrymore, Mickey Mouse & Kermit the Frog. Some stars look really old. Some don't even have names on them yet.
We continued to walk around Hollywood Boulevard. Went inside an Oakley store. I'm eying this new pair of polarized shades. I want to buy it as a Christmas gift to myself. Can't afford it yet =o(
Gev didn't know where the big Hollywood sign is so for now, we just settled for a picture outside the Wax Museum. I need to go back for the real deal.
We walked a few distance away and found the Chinese Theater. Outside, there are hand and shoe prints of stars like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, and the Harry Potter kids.
Citywalk is the last stop. This is where we found so many nice shops.
I saw this scary statue which reminds me of Frankenstein/Hannibal. While Ogz was taking my picture, I suddenly heard it come alive behind me so I cringed. Some guy (caught in the first photo) turned the switch that would make the statue move and make some scary sounds. Some people actually took a video of it and they were laughing at my expense.
There's this place where a guy in a headdress was painting the faces of kids. We checked him out and it looks like the kid had a bullet shot on his face. After his makeup session, I raised my hand and volunteered to be painted on. The artist asked me if I'm going to the party later, I said yes. Turns out that I can't go to this "party" with makeup on. I said, "oh, then I won't go there... just do my face". And so he did his magic with his makeup and this is the outcome: Knottydon Scarface.
Continued our shopping. It's fun to shop during Halloween.
I also participated in a magic trick. An old magician wanted me to pick a card from the deck. I chose an 8 of Spades but didn't show it to him. Placed it in the middle of the deck. He shuffled the cards. Gave me his wand. He showed me that my card is not the topmost card. He then instructed me to tap the top of the deck. He revealed the topmost card and voila! 'twas an 8 of spades! He told me that I've got the touch. I told him to give me a tip for doing the magic myself ;oP
We haven't eaten anything since our brunch this morning so we decided to eat at Panda Inn. We ordered tofu with eggplant, shrimp in garlic sauce, crispy fish fillet and fried rice. The food was delish especially my fish fillet. Afterwards, Lauren (our waitress) gave us fortune cookies wrapped in colorful foils. When I opened my fortune, it says, "You are admired by many". Wow! I love that. And when I tasted the cookie, oh my god, it's the best tasting fortune cookie ever! Lauren heard my comment and she agreed ;oP

After paying for our food, I asked for more cookies and my wish was granted. Here are the other two fortunes I got:

"Hidden treasures will be found, where least expected."

"You are artistic and others can relate to you."

There's a big Halloween party happening at Universal Studios. Too bad we couldn't attend.
We're leaving for San Francisco tonight so we headed back home around 9. Oh, Fe freaked out when she saw my cut ;oP She thought we had an accident. Played with Zooey before taking my shower.


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