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Sunday, October 28, 2007

San Francisco (Day Two)

After checking out of Clarion (by the way, Kuya Bong provided our hotel; isn't he great?!), we went to pick up Fe & Jesse. They plan to visit Fisherman's Wharf while we have our lunch with Kuya Bong.

As soon as we dropped the couple at Pier 39, we headed back to Pacifica where Kuya Bong lives. He's got a nice place. There are lots of religious items from their hometown, Liliw.

He asked us where we wanna eat again. Gev wanted seafood which is fine with me and Ogz. Kuya Bong decided to take us to Todai's. Am excited 'cause I've been wanting to eat here for the longest time.
When we entered the resto, it looks like a big food court. So many people lining up to get their food. The waitress immediately asked us if there's a birthday celebrant in the group. I guess the birthday celebrant would get to eat for free. I didn't wanna eat salad so I just went directly to the hot meals where there's a huge line. I grabbed fried rice, chicken, crab legs, calamari and tempura. I got some soup too. The food is delish!!! No wonder people eat here all the time. I must try their desserts. I took a bite out of Ogz's banana crepe. Yum-O! Pretty close to Cafe Breton's taste. I also got some small cakes. Peach cake is my favorite!
After more than an hour of eating, we decided to leave. We still need to check out Fisherman's Wharf and locate the Crookedest Road. Dropped Kuya Bong off at his house. Thanked him for his wonderful welcome to all of us (even to a stranger like me). Free food and hotel accommodations. How can you beat that?!

It's time to reunite with our other friends. Parking is quite a feat here in San Francisco especially near Fisherman's Wharf. We found one near Joe's Crab Shack. Fisherman's Wharf is alive with peeps! I love this place ;oP
Found this store called Boudin where bakers create bread and shape them into animals: koala, turtles, crabs and even alligator. I wonder how they taste.
Ogz and I haven't been to Pier 39 so we checked out the place. I've been wanting to get a big US flag so I got one at "Flags America". I haven't got a photo yet with a cable car. Good thing we found this car waiting for passengers. A nice Aussie lady offered to take our photos.
Outside Pier 39, we could hear sea lions barking continuously. They're pretty hard to ignore so we went there first. Some are just sunbathing. A few are swimming. They're just lazy and loud.
A few distance away, I saw the Alcatraz. Too bad there's no time to visit it.
Before we met our friends again, I spotted the Harry Mason jewelry store on the second floor. I asked the lady associate if she has something for guys. She gave me this. Instantly loved it. I suggested to Ogz to get one too. He got an ear wrap.

We have Bubba Gump back home in Manila and here in San Francisco, they have the same setup where you could put your feet into the shoes of Forrest Gump and sit on the bench. I had to do it for souvenir.
Before we headed back to LA, we located the "Crookedest Street" on Lombard. That capped our 4-day trip to the West Coast.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction. I've been to Pier 39 before. 5 yrs ago, I visited Kuya Bong and he took us to Pier 39. I thought I told you that. Tsaka pinag-usapan lang natin ni Kuya Bong na 5 years na pala nakalipas since my last visit to San Francisco. Nakalimutan mo lang siguro.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ang cute ng aso :)

10:49 PM  

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