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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Got a call from Tomas that he'll be arriving around 11 am. The plan is to drive over to Atlantic City today. It's my first time so I'm excited. We'll meet Ogz's cousin, Ate Alet, along with her family, there.

Armed with GPS, Tom navigated through the streets of New York and Jersey. He let me choose the songs to play in his iPod for our entertainment.

Around 2:30, we reached Atlantic City. Ogz informed us that once you've seen Vegas, AC won't be able to measure up. He was right. It lacks the grandeur of Las Vegas. They have their own version of Caesars Palace though. And then there's the Taj Mahal of Donald Trump. This is where we parked close to.
Ogz called his cousin and Ate Alet informed us that Hilton hotel offers their buffet for only 9.99. She told us that they will meet us there too. We asked for directions and started walking. 'twas like 2.5 miles worth of walking in a cold weather.
Lotsa birds flying which reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" which we just watched the night before.
We met the whole family, Ate Alet, Kuya Manny, their two daughters and Tita Lina (Alet's mother). The kids got some teeth extracted and were proud to show the gaps. Ate Alet paid for our meals. Wow! We're so happy. I had soup first 'cause I was really, really hungry and tired. Got some shrimps and barbecued pork and steamed mussels. For dessert, I had a cake.

Afterwards, we met with the family and started enjoying the Boardwalk. So many stores with "Closing Out Sales" signs. We found Asian shops offering tempting but dubious massages. I bought an Atlantic City magnet at a shop called "Magnetism". We also visited the Rainforest Cafe. There were a handful of street entertainers. There's this guy who beats his drum minus any sort of rhythm. I wonder how he could get money for that.
We took some photos inside the Caesars. They have a nice Christmas tree setup and all their statues are wearing the Santa's hat.
They have a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum and I like their building facade. Looks like the wall is falling down.
We finally reached Taj Mahal after some good 30 minutes of walking. It's better this time 'cause we're not hungry anymore. It was still tiring though. Kuya Manny, Tom and Ogz agreed to just pick us up in front of the hotel.
Before we headed to the house of Ate Alet, where we're staying for the night 'cause the heater at Tita Letty & Mel's house broke down, we checked out the latest hotel in Atlantic City called "Borgata". Fergie is gonna perform here soon.
At Ate Alet's house, we had some palabok, pancit bihon and chicken for dinner. Oh my god, I miss pancit! Had two servings ;oP

Kuya Manny bought a Black Label and we downed it in less than an hour while watching TFC soap marathon. Too bad they don't have GMA network though. I had an overdose of Sarah "Varicose Veins" Geronimo, Rica "Retokada" Peraleho, Rio "Daga" Locsin and Cherry Pie Picachu.

Then I blacked out.


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