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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Twenty One

Every time I see Jim Sturgess alone in a scene, I thought he would break into a song. I guess I still have an "Across the Universe" hangover.

Kevin Spacey is such a great actor, no doubt. I particularly like his game show host impersonation.

As for the other characters, Choi makes me laugh because he reminds me of a friend. Well, he's not THAT extreme though.

I know counting cards ain't illegal but if they don't wanna get caught, they should've changed their hand signals, like, every 2 weeks. Hello? They are SOOO obvious! Or better yet, be in disguise every time. The magazine-17, sweet-16, paycheck-15, etc. also gets old.

Oh, and there's one more thing that I don't quite get. We all know that Jim's character is smart, right? Then why did he hide the money in the ceiling when he could simply open a bank account? He could deffo compute the interest in his head too!

The climax reminds me of one of those "Oceans..." movies. Kinda predictable.

I'm really happy that I've already been to Vegas. Whenever I see it on the big screen, I feel this excitement inside me. I wanna go back there and have fun!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Cherie... Blossoms

I was so disappointed that I didn't get to see the cherry blossoms in DC last year. This time though, come hell or high water, I told myself that I'd see it. Ogz's brother, along with his wife & friends, arrived last night to see the blossoms with us today. With a two-car convoy, we left Ashburn around 10ish.

After, like, less than 45 minoots, we reached the Washington, DC area via Georgetown. It's the opening of the Cherry Blossom Festival so it was pretty hard to get a parking space. The first car, composed of Pauline (Malaysian) and two Filipinas, Armie & Rachel, got a spot by waiting at Lot B. We (Ogz with bro & wife, Tina, and the knottydon) drove very far just to find a parking space. The nice thing is, it's in front of a shuttle station that gives free rides to DC visitors. We just had to wait for like 20 minoots and we're reunited with our friends at Jefferson Memorial.
We enjoyed having our photos taken with these cherry blossoms (the flowers only last for 2 weeks). Flashback in 1912, Japan gave Washington, DC these beautiful trees. In exchange, the US gave back some dogwoods three years later.
Then we found a place to eat. We're so hungry that we had hotdogs first before having our pizza lunch at the Museum of Natural History. Our friends didn't wanna check out the museum anymore so we walked towards the Capitol.
Next stop was walking towards the Washington Monument. There's a kite festival so we enjoyed watching kids/adults flying different kinds of kites. I saw one that looks like a dragon, a half-body in soccer uniform complete with the ball, and a space shuttle.
We're so tired of walking that after taking a picture of the White House from afar, we decided to lay down the grass and get some rest for a few minoots.
Last stop was the Lincoln Memorial.
Ogz & I still had to attend a party at Lorton so we parted ways with our friends. They're planning to check out Georgetown.

Lorton is, like, 30 minoots from DC. When we got there, Racquel, Ogz's longtime friend, welcomed us. She and her family are visiting the US till the second week of April. Ogz and Racquel have been traveling the US separately and they haven't met in the US until now. Thanks to our new super kulit friend named Steve for taking these photos.
Then it was time for dinner. Oh my god. I got a big smile on my face when I saw the palabok (noodles). Then I got some beef tapa, chop suey and rice. It was a very nice dinner. Ogz & I got a second helping too! It was fun to chat with Racquel. She reminds me a lot of my good friend, Nikks. Bubbly personality and all.

Around 9ish, the MagicSing was setup. Of course, I wouldn't say no to singing ;oP For my first song, I did "Babe". There was a slight probs with the audio though. Similar to what we experienced before with an LCD tv, the audio is slightly delayed. Anyhoo, with delay or not, I kept on singing. Got 97 on Eraserheads "Para sa Masa". Ogz sang "Kahit Kailan".

Some guy requested me to sing Journey's "Open Arms" 'cause according to him it suits my voice. Afterwards, he requested "Love Hurts" because nobody can or wants to sing it. Then for the last request, he gave me "Rosanna" by Toto. First time to sing this so I got a 93.

We truly enjoyed the food, the company of Racquel, and gained a new friend in Steve.

*** Thanks, Tina, for some of these photos

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Next Hair

When I first saw Jared Leto sporting this new hairstyle, I was, like, I want that to be my next hairstyle.

The Graduates

Here are photos of Lance & Fiona from their recent graduation ceremony. Fiong-Fiong is so pretty ;oP
Look at all those medals/ribbons that they've got! It's ridiculous ;oP Fiong-Fiong got the 7th mark in her class while Lance placed 4th. I'm so proud of you, guys!
Based on these shots, there must be a program too where the children would showcase some of their talents. Poor Lance! He looked uncomfy delivering his speech.
It's nice to see Mom in the photo. Miss y'all!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

P.F. Chang's

Here in Greenville, we want variety in our restos and tonight is P.F. Chang's night. Even though we have one in Leesburg, we haven't tried going there.  I heard from my friend, Linda, that it's an upscale version of Pei Wei. If it's expensive, it's kinda low in our priority list.
The place is decorated with what appeared like statues of Chinese officials and oh, they've got the biggest light fixtures ever.

Ogz & I shared our appetizer, salt & pepper calamari. It was good. Ogz made a vinegar, salt n pepa concoction. When my meal arrived though, I got disappointed. Their Chang's spicy chicken is just chicken with some sauce and crushed chili peppers. I was looking for some veggies but it ain't there. Me no like very simple dishes =o(
The food is good but I expected more. I guess you need to order side dishes for meals like this one. Before we went back to our hotel, Paul noticed the backside of the big horse that we saw earlier. Uhm, notice anything funny?


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