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Sunday, June 22, 2008

National Shrine of Immaculate Conception

Last year, I visited the Basilica with my friend, PJ. This time, I'm with Richie, Alwyn, Lizette, Ogz and Raz. It took us more than an hour to get there. Having no GPS and unfamiliarity with DC don't help either. Good thing, a police officer helped us find our way.
Anyhoo, we attended the 12 o'clock mass. Like I said to my friends, the church is huge. Even though I already visited this church once, I was still amazed by how beautiful it is. Marbled pillars. Stained glass windows. Painted ceilings. Mosaics. The attention to details is pretty amazing.

After the church service, it's time to check out what tourists come here for. Thanks to Lizette, Alwyn and Raz for supplying the photos. Forgot to bring my cam-ruh. And special thanks to my good friend, Photoshop, for stitching some of these hard-to-include-in-one-view subjects.
And, of course, the solo & group photos:
After a quick trip to the gift shop, we decided to have our super late lunch in Georgetown. Found Miss Saigon, a Vietnamese resto, and settled there. We ordered beef noodle soup, spring rolls, seafood combo and chicken with veggies. So so hungry.

We then walked along M street where shops, bars and restos are a plenty.

Last stop was the Georgetown University. We all thought how nice & cool it would be to study in a place like this. Around 7, we decided to go back to Ashburn.


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