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Saturday, August 30, 2008

iPhone Highs and Lows

Here are things that I noticed about the iPhone 3G:

- Texting here is meant for peeps with small fingers.

- You cannot forward messages. This is not good when you wanna inform a lotta peeps about, let's say, your new phone!!!

- Who would use Stocks application here?

- Maps? You can easily find your way in Manila.

- I need to know how to make mp3s as ringtones. Can't have the same set of tunes.

- You can't send photos to your laptop via bluetooth. You have to e-mail 'em.

On the plus side, now that I'm back in the US, I can now maximize the capabilities of my iPhone. When you need to make an account in iTunes, be sure to have a credit card issued in the US. Creating a new account was a breeze. I learned to appreciate the free apps that you can download. I tried the following:

Remote - this allows me to play any song from my iTunes (in my laptop) remotely. Meaning, if I'm watching the telly in the living room and I want a certain song, let's say, "Let's Get it On", to play before I enter my bedroom, I could do it now.

Showtimes - this allows me to find out what movies are being shown in a certain area. Like, I can give you what's being shown in Fox Cinemas or Regal down in Sterling. Sweet!

Palringo - my friend, Jowee, suggested this app. I switched from IM+ to Palringo simply because with the latter, you can send messages quickly using any of your messaging accounts like Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, etc. I tested the audio and photo messaging with Noel (who's back home in Manila) and it worked perfectly.

Shazam - imagine this: you're out in public and suddenly you hear a song being played on the radio/tv/movie/store. You're not familiar with the song but you wanna know its title. Fret no mo', with this applicay-shun, you can find out instantly.

See You Soon, Ogz!

It's time for Ogz to go back home. To celebrate the occasion, we had another drinking session :oP

But first, we got invited for a few drinks at Lansdowne Resort. I miss this place. For the first time, I tasted their Mojito. I've been hearing about this drink from Nikks. She & Joy like to drink this back home. Jeff & Mike joined us later.

Ogz provided dinner and booze back home. Thanks, Ogz, for the tequila! Thanks, Alwyn, for the photos.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fun Never Stops

Here are some more photos taken during my last gimmick with Nikks, Beng, Jhie and Table:

See You Soon, Rich!

It's Richie's last night in Virginia. Actually, he ain't gonna go home yet. He's still visiting his sister in Arizona.

Joy bought some candles & other aromatherapy thingamajigs to beautify our apartment. Rich bought pizza for din-dins. And parties won't be complete without the MagicSing (that's my sole contribution).
Joy bought some booze and met THE sheriff. She's got this wide smile on her face when she entered the door ;oP
Richie entertained us with his Josh Groban songs. Freya sang "Torete" and other OPM hits. Jet sang "Sana Maulit Muli". Ogz delivered "Happy". I sang "Hanggang Ngayon" with Richie. I didn't know that I'd lose my voice a couple of days later.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sleep Like an Egyptian

Am so happy now that I'm back in Ashburn, Virginia again. No long commute. No pollution. No stress.

I get to see my old friends again: Linda, Brenda and Jan. Can't wait to play with Brenda's dogs again!

I finally met Freya, Mitch and Jet. Freya likes to sing too. Cool beans. 

After work, we headed to Walmart 'cause Ogz needs to return the GPS that he bought yesterday. I had to buy a pillowcase for the pillow that I bought in New York. While looking for a nice pillowcase, I noticed this bed sheet which has 600 thread count (Egyptian cotton). I know that the higher the count, the softer it feels. Which means, I can sleep bettuh!

OMG! My bed is so freakin' soft now. Perfect for... !

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chelsea Market & Central Park

Second day in New York. What to do? Kuya Vans suggested to check out Chelsea Market. When we got there, the abandoned look of the building ain't so inviting but inside, it's a totally different environment. It's vibrant and alive with interesting shops, restaurants and offices.
We tried out the cupcakes at Eleni's. I got the choco with coconut. It was really good.
Afterwards, we walked around the market. Whatta fun photo op day it was!
Ogz & I were complaining that we haven't been in a planetarium yet. So that's what we did next. We found one near Central Park but it wasn't free. So I took pics instead. Teehee.
Final item in the agenda is to visit Central Park. I haven't been in Central Park for a very long time so it was a fun activity.
We had our late lunch at the famous Central Park Boathouse ("pang-mayaman"), which offers a good view of the lake. I enjoyed their Berkshire pork medallions.
Before we left Central Park, we found this Alice in Wonderland sculpture. Can you find Joy in the last photo?
It's hard to leave NYC. Hopefully, I could come back again soon. I wanna watch a Broadway play again and discover other parts of the city.

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