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Monday, August 25, 2008

New York in August Oh-Eight

We spent the night at the house of Ogz's brother in Hackensack, New Jersey. We got here around 1 o'clock. I had a good night sleep, thank gawd!

It's nice to wake up to the smell of bacon and coffee. Ogz's mom took care of our brekky ;oP

We left their house at 9-ish. Took a short bus ride and subway to Fifth Avenue.
For the first time, I was able to hear mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. We're just in time for the 10:15 church service. The church is really beautiful. They have LCDs so you can see what's going on if you're too far from the altar. I also found out that the service is broadcast. They have bamboo organ which makes it nice to sing.
Afterwards, it's time for photo ops. First stop, Rockefeller Center.
We then stopped by the NBC store to buy gifts for ourselves, family and friends. I bought a coupla Heroes merchandise, like, necklace and tee.
Times Square is next. Remember the Naked Cowgirl that I saw last year? We bumped into the Naked Cowboy this time.
Up next, it's Toys "R" Us time. It's always fun to visit this store. The giraffe mascot gamely posed for my camera. The King Kong structure is made of Lego. 
Kuya Vans, Tina and Mommy are watching "Spam-a-Lot" so we had to eat something before their 2 o'clock show. At "Junior's", we sampled their soups, ribs, chicken & pasta. Their French onion soup is really good. We were told that they don't have lunch portions anymore even though it's still early. I couldn't finish my baby back.
Hershey's and M&M's stores were next. Joy collects pennies-turned-souvenir items so she got one from M&M's. We tried the M&M's mood analysis. Last time, I was "green" but now, I'm brown ('cause I'm full of good fun). Joy was "yellow" (she brings sun to peeps around her) and Ogz is "electric green" for his creativity.
Joy & Ogz are fans of "Gossip Girl". They recognized this shop called "Henri Bendel" from the show. We went inside and looked around. There's this beautiful sales associate who wanted a minoot of my time so she could try their product on me face. They're promoting this skin product called "Freeze 24/7". She put the detoxifying cleanser & mask on me. I don't see any difference afterwards. 
The highlight of this experience is seeing the famous face of Janice Dickinson. Of course, I MUST take a photo with her. Love ya, Janice!
Joy had some help in the makeup department while I asked for the Emo look (thanks, Emily!). I didn't know that putting on eyeliner will make you cry. Joy looks B-E-A-utiful!
While walking along Fifth Avenue, the long line at A&F caught our attention. Joy requested me to take a photo of this nekkid model too.
We went inside the Apple store so I can get a case for me iPhone. I don't want ANY scratch on my phone.
We then checked out FAO Schwarz, which is just right beside the Apple store. According to Joy, this is where they filmed the big piano scene in the movie, "Big" (Tom Hanks). After the entertaining mini-show, they let peeps to try out the piano. I was urging Ogz to try it with me but he declined.
I just love Times Square at night. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop eating chocolates, you are so fat! Crush mo yung A&F model no?

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pics! parang nag-tour na rin ako sa NYC...dagdag mo pa si Janice!

B-E-A-utiful Joy at walang kupas ang kagwapuhan ni Augster (cant wait to see U)! also,ganda pala talaga ng hair mo Don...sulit!

lalo ko kayong na-miss after seeing your pics guys :(

- Nikks -

12:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heart Ogz.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

akin si augs! akin sya!!!


2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lech kayo georgina and lala, whoever u are, augs is mine! thats the sole reason why i go to this blog, to drool over pics of my baby augs, lalo na pag naka shorts and tight shirts sya. augster my baby, belated happy birthday. mwah! tsup tsup!

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heart you all!

can't wait to see guys soon!!!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

augs! fix your comment baka ma misinterpret ka! "can't wait to see guys"? o baka "can't wait to see U guys soon"??

4:02 PM  

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