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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween in New York

First in our To Do list is to see the Statue of Liberty. It's Jet's first time in NYC so he gotta see the Lady. We took a short boat ride to Staten Island. The ride is free anyway. As soon as reached the other side, we boarded another boat heading back.
I wish I have a better camera 'cause I can't quite see the Statue. The zoom feature in my digicam ain't doin' a nice job. Good thing, 3 other peeps brought their cameras with 'em.
Before looking for Wall Street, we had a stopover at Tiffany's and brekky at BK.
Now, this golden bull at the Financial District is pretty popular among tourists. Some would have their photos taken beside the head or some would be holding a horn. And some would... uhm,. fondle the balls.
Next is the Brooklyn Bridge. Even though I have been to the city a few times already, I haven't walked on the bridge yet. It's photo op galore.
The Halloween Parade is happening in a few hours so we checked out the starting point. We saw this girl getting her body painted on.
With a few hours to kill, we walked along SoHo. Such a lovely place. We feel rich ;oP
The boys did some window shopping at Armani Exchange while the girls went to Victoria's Secret. When we joined them later, they announced that they spotted Heidi Klum, with Seal in tow. Jett was devastated.
Found Gray's Papaya and tried their hotdogs. Freya requested to visit this famous place. For less than 5 bucks, you can get 2 hotdogs and a drink.
One of my favorites photos taken by Ogz:
Then we positioned ourselves for the parade. After an hour and a half of waiting, we finally witnessed what we came here for. Funny how our batteries died down one after the next. We should've planned it out. Anyhoo, enjoy these photos:
2.5 hours had passed and we still haven't seen the tail of the parade yet so we stopped watching. We looked for a place to pee but the nearby restos are either full or they require you to buy sumpthin' from their shop before you can use their restrooms. Crap!

We ended the day with dinner at Yoshinoya.

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