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Monday, February 16, 2009

Skiing @ Whitetail Resort

The group left Ashburn around 9. Vans & Tina got the GPS so we just followed them with me behind the wheel and Ogz doing the navigation (Joy is driving later). We reached Whitetail Resort before 11 in the morning.
We first paid the 80-dollar ticket which includes an hour-and-a-half training. We're all beginners 'cept Ogz. Vans & Tina preferred snowboarding while the rest of us will try skiing for the first time.

Before heading to the ski rental, we checked out the shop beside the ticket booth. They're selling a lot of ski stuff but they're pretty overpriced. I bought my ski pants/sweatpants at Walmart for 15 bucks ;oP

Before you can even rent shoes and ski, you have to sign this paper. It contains info such as your height & weight, shoe size and age. My shoe size is 8 so I asked for an 8.5. I noticed right away how tight it was. The shoes, I must say, was VERY challenging to wear. It took me, like, 20 minoots to wear both. Broke a sweat even. The shoes are also damn heavy.

We then walked towards the ski rental. The guy behind the counter used this clipboard containing tables of values. Then he got me my skis and adjusted it to my shoe size. Before leaving the shop, I got the yellow poles as advised.

We went out and tried our skis. I was able to slide a few distance. Yay! 'twas fun. There were a lotta people in the resort. We could see different slopes with peeps sliding down on snowboards or skis. A lot of peeps were also going down on their bums. I'll be one of them soon.
We waited for our training. At 12:30, we were met by Ruby. She was fun and full of energy. She asked for our names and discussed the basics of skiing. She taught us the correct posture, how to turn and how to stop.

After an hour and a half of trying how to ski, she then asked us if we already wanna try the real slope. I guess that's the signal for "graduation". Most of the participants got excited. I said 'no' the invitation 'cause I ain't ready yet. I still had to practice my turns and my breaks. Plus, I was scared too (am afraid of heights, remember?). Ogz tried it. Joy stayed with me.
When Ogz got back, we had our late lunch. We saw Tina & Vans by the cafeteria. My feet were also killing me so I kicked off my shoes while eating a cold Angus beef burger. The crab soup was too salty for me. Didn't enjoy it but I had to eat sumpthin'.

Before we skied again, I went back inside to replace my shoes & readjust my skis. This time, it felt better. I got a 9.5.

So we tried the lift this time. I was trying not to think about the trip down the slope. Ugh! When it's time to get off, we lifted the bar and did a Superman-like position. I thought I'd be able to ski and turn to my right. But I fell down for the first time ;oP
Ruby didn't teach us how to get up with the skis on. I looked for help. Joy was also down ;oP And Ogz was too far away. I asked Joy how she got up. She removed her skis. That's what I did.

Then it's time to go down the hill. Ugh! I cannot do it. I kept imagining myself going down and losing control. Joy & Ogz were a few distance away and they kept urging me to move my ass. So little by little, I moved. I find it hard to turn to the right. To stop, I turn to the left and most of the time, I fall down. It's fun to fall 'cause it doesn't hurt ;oP
Anyhoo, we all made it downhill with no injuries (thank gawd!). Ogz must have gone up and down, like, 3-4 times. He's the best skier in the group. He glides! I enjoyed my first skiing even though I couldn't muster going up the hill again. 'twas a dayyum fun adventure!

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