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Saturday, March 07, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

163.8 is now my current weight. I didn't lose anything from yesterday. Teehee... Anyhoo, am now done with my General Motors diet. Yay!

Now my goal is to keep on losing these excess pounds. Joy volunteered to monitor my carb intake. I plan to eat only 1 cup of rice for lunch and half a cup for dinner. I also need to eat more fruits (yep, this is Don talking about eating more fruits) and drink more fruit juices. I'm loving our blender right now.

This week, I can go back to the gym 'cause I have more energy. Wish me luck!

Today is another gimmick day with my barkada here in Ashburn. We first picked up Joy's auntie (she calls her Dal) at the Dunn Loring station then we headed down to Philly. 'twas, like, 3 hours of driving. We made a stop in Maryland to have a quick bite. I bought some ham and cheese croissant from Roy Rogers. I didn't expect it to be delish. This is my first real meal after my GM diet.

It was almost noon when we reached Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love. After finding a parking space (11 bucks for weekends), we visited the Independence Hall. We went through security and then we queued up for the tour. A few minoots later, a guard announced sumpthin' involving tickets. Oops! We forgot to get 'em. So we left our place in the line and looked for the Visitor Center, which is just across the street.
We got maps & brochures. We found out that the next tour would begin at 3:40. Plenty of time to kill. We then visited their souvenir shop. I bought a nice magnet featuring the Liberty Bell, which we checked out next.
Next stop was the Reading Terminal Market at 12th street. From the outside, it reminded me of Chelsea Market in NYC. Inside, it was filled with different kinds of food. OMG! I saw lotsa chocolates, candies, cakes, and pies. Too bad I'm still watching my diet. We found Carmen's, famous for their hoagies (Italian sub). There's a long line so we immediately looked for the end of it.

We saw how the cheesesteaks are prepared. I got more hungry while watching the guys slicing the meat. After, like, 20 minoots of waiting, I ordered a Cheesesteak Hoagie (with American cheese, bell peppers, & pickles) and 2 Diet Cokes for Ogz & I (we'll be sharing the sandwich).
The place is packed so it was kinda hard to find a place to sit. Joy & the gang found a table in a corner so we all grouped together. Later on, we noticed that Ryan was missing from our group. After Joy & Karen finished their food, they went looking for him.

I enjoyed the cheesesteak. The beef was tender and juicy.
The ladies found our missing friend later on. Before heading out, we walked around the area and found an Amish store selling all kinds of stuff (candies, pies, peanut butter, nuts). I sampled their peanuts.
Next, we looked for the LOVE park. I was a tad disappointed when I saw it because I thought the letters, L-O-V-E, would be BIGGER (just like the "I amsterdam" sign). I thought we could play around the letters a bit, like, sitting on the O or standing in the middle of the V. Oh, well.
'twas around 3:20 when we decided to head back to the Independence Hall but unforch, we didn't make it on time. That was a sign to go back to VA. We dropped off Dal first at her hotel in DC.

To cap the night, we looked for Pacific (Ogz's suggestion) in Sterling. Turned out that it's already closed—for good. Plan B was Thai 4912 (I'm happy I got my wish). We ordered their crispy whole fish (a must have), siam beef, calamari (Karen's suggestion) and spring rolls. Everything was really, really good.

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