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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Royal Caribbean Cruise, Day Two

Our day started with us going to the breakfast buffet area. I got some bacon, eggs and sausages. While eating, we briefed Joy what she missed the night before. We were joined by Trix and her daughter, Isabelle, shortly after.

After having our brekky, we waited in line for the boat that would take us to the island itself. I heard that there's no docking area near the island. Isabelle found a cute friend too. I told Trix to get the kid's Facebook ;oP
CocoCay island is exclusive to Royal Caribbean clients. Sweet!
Picture taking time.
While sunbathing, I kept on hearing these guys shouting "Coco Locos", a famous drink here. Joy bought one with extra oomph! I had a sip and it was okay.

I tried the waters. Cold water. Brrr! Lotsa sharp rocks. Ugh! Boracay is still the best!

We had our late lunch. I grabbed some corn on the cob, brisket, and burgers. I also had my coke refill.

Before heading back to our boat, we checked out the stores that sell t-shirts, crafts and other merchandise. They're pretty expensive though. Bought nuthin'.
We headed back to our cabins. There's a formal dinner at 6 and we're gonna have our photos taken so we better look good ;oP

For dinner, Ogz & Trix arranged our dinner such that all of us would be eating in just one table. Cool! I had some roasted duck and creme brulee & ice cream for dessert. Joy & I requested to have our wine (from the night before) served to us.
It's photo op time. Most of the photographers are Pinoys. They made us look better, no? ;oP
We found out about the Captain's Cocktail Party so we attended that. We got free bubbly drinks. Found out that the Captain is Norwegian.
They have karaoke night so we checked it out next. My friends asked me to sing so I picked out a song from their album. Most of my faves are missing so I had to think of sumpthin' quick. I chose "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

When it was my turn to sing, the host called "Don from the Philippines". So I ran towards the stage. Before I got there, this old man beat me to it. He was already holding the mic and introduced himself as "Don". I sat down first. Then the song started. "This ain't my song... Turn around". I saw Ogz, Joy, Cath and Trix laughing their asses off. OMG! That was classic!

I decided not to sing my first choice anymore. Instead, I chose "I Believe I Can Fly". I tried not to laugh while singing the R. Kelly song.

Afterwards, it was Salsa Dancing time. Of course, we had to try it ourselves. Cathy was my partner. Joy & Ogz paired up. It wasn't as easy as it looks. We kept laughing 'cause we couldn't do the turns and other challenging steps. It was really fun though.
We went back to our cabin to change. 

It's pool party time! There were ice carvings on display with food surrounding 'em. We also noticed one block of ice sitting on the floor. A host appeared and presented the ice carver... from the Philippines! He took his tool and began smashing the ice. We thought at first that he's doing an angel but it turned out that it's an Angel fish with corals. A-mazing!
We got some booze, tried the food (the lechon was very disappointing!) and partied the night away. Ricky led the dancing. He's so full of energy. We also danced with his crew (the Pinoys were there again to dance with us). This is also where I learned how to dance the "Cupid Shuffle", a very fun dance when you're with a bunch of drunken peeps.



Anonymous cath said...

classic talaga yung incident sa videoke. hindi ko parin mapigil un tawa ko nung binabasa ko sya dito! :)

10:32 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

Korek! Pag pinatugtog yun "Total Eclipse" may private joke na tayo. Go, Team Bahamas! ;oP

11:47 AM  
Anonymous caribbean cruise ship jobs said...

Isn't it amazing on how much fun you can have in one day... I wish I could experience it as well, its that work that makes us all stuck sometimes. and summer is already ending.

10:59 AM  

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