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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FarmVille vs. Barn Buddy (Updates)

Awhile back when I was still an addict in Barn Buddy (love stealing crops from my friends!), I made this entry detailing how these two farm applications in Facebook differ. Back then, I was a pro-BB. But now, I never visit my farm there anymore. Also, I found out through StatCounter that most of my blog visitors wanted to know the difference between these two apps. It's my obligation to give you an update why I switched over to FarmVille.

Here are the reasons:

1. Even though the game is still in its beta version, every single week, they have updates. I dunno how their artists, game developers and testers do it. A game that gives you regular updates gets a star in my book. But here's the downside, remember it is still beta... so you get bugs all the time. Like, recently, I couldn't proceed to my turkey roost building because I keep on getting out of sync errors.

2. You have millions of gamers that can be your neighbors. FarmVille has more than 80 million players! Now, these neighbors can help you earn money (by visiting their farms and performing tasks) and build stuff. Right now, I'm completing my thanksgiving dinner table. I need, like, 150 different kinds of meals. These meals can be exchanged for stuff like fountains, sheeps, etc. All to decorate your farm.

3. It's very accessible. If you have an iPhone, iTouch, iPad or an Android phone, you can still play the game.

4. Related to numero uno, the game goes with the times. I mean, they currently have Harry Potter themes! I just bought myself a wizard costume, a baby dragon, a griffin and a flying pig on a broom! I can't wait to see what's in store for Christmas. Last year, they gave us a Christmas tree where you can collect gifts from neighbors. And we weren't allowed to open them until it's Christmas day.

5. Some people think it's all mindless clicking. But decorating your farm is deffo NOT mindless clicking. It's a way to express your creativity.

6. It's very simple to play. My 6-year old niece, Fiong-Fiong, and my 9-year old nephew, Lance, plays the game too. I'm sure kids from all ages love this game too.

7. Some people say it's just a waste of time. Well, there are ways to make your farming easier. There's the Unwither Ring you can buy (although right now, it's not available in the market). This is the ultimate gift you can get for yourself. With this ring, you don't need to do your farming on a regular basis because your crops won't wilt anymore. Also, there is a combo vehicle you can buy so plowing, harvesting and seeding can be a one-step process. Very convenient I must say!

8. I never enjoy killing-people-or-zombies games. I get dizzy when the POV shifts quickly. I dunno, maybe it's just my vertigo getting in the way.

So it's really a change of heart. FarmVille addict I am now. Here's how my farm looks like nowadays:

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