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Monday, November 22, 2010

On Harry Potter & Resort World

Last Saturday, I decided to watch the latest Harry Potter movie @ this newly-opened casino/mall/movie house called Resort World at the Newport City.

When I hailed a cab, I was surprised that it's located very close to my place. The taxi meter stopped at 90 bucks. Sweet!

The Newport Cinema is located on the topmost floor of the building. It's already 3 pm and I was already hungry but I bought a ticket first before minding my hunger. I noticed that the second floor is consisted mostly of boutiques like Guess, Penguin, Charles & Keith. No time and money for shopping so I just ignored them.

The ticket costs 200. Quite reasonable and affordable. There aren't too many people (unlike the other malls) so it's really cool.

Otay, it's time to find a place to chow. They have Asian, Mediterranean and French restos on the ground floor. I chose to eat rice and lechon macau at Johnny Chow (rhyme pa lintek!). The waitresses in minis were wearing these awful blue and yellow wigs. At least, they're easy to look at.

By the way, their WiFi is pretty fast. I was able to download an iPhone app instantly. Hehehehe....

The lechon macau was crunchy and good. I upgraded my rice to yang chow too. The only thing that I don't like in the food is the peanuts. I don't like eating meals with whole peanuts. I take them out when I eat the Charlie Chan pasta at Yellow Cab.

I still have half an hour to kill so I checked out the bar at Beurre Blanc. I quickly asked for the wine menu from the bartender named Arniel. I chose Gossip Shiraz from the list. To my surprise, he also gave me some peanuts. I told you that I don't like peanuts in my food but I enjoy eating them separately. He informed me that they have a wine buffet for 850 pesos (including pica-pica) and good for three hours. Nice! I wanna try that soon with my barkada.

Arniel told me that I could taste some of their house wines. Now, who wouldn't like free taste, eh? He gave me some Bordeaux. When I swirled the wine, I noticed the dark color. I assumed it would be of stronger flavor. I wasn't wrong. Mmmmm!

I thanked the bartender (and gave him a generous tip) before leaving the bar at 5 (my movie starts at quarter after). Feeling already tipsy. I made a stopover at the membership counter where I got my Resort World membership card (with instant photo!).

It's been a while since I last read this final installment of the Harry Potter series so I kinda forgot some of the deets. But all in all, the movie was good. There were some funny moments too. I like the dancing scene of Harry & Hermione (she looks fantastic!). Of course, the Dobby scene was a tearjerker.

FYI, when you wanna watch a movie at the Newport Cinemas, be SURE to bring a jacket. It's so effin' cold inside the theatre!

I had to have my membership card activated so I checked out the casinos downstairs. The lady behind the counter informed me that my card has a 100-peso value which I could spend on the slot machines. This is free membership, y'all!

I walked around the area and memories of our Bahamas trip came back. I controlled myself from sitting down and playing.

Went back upstairs and had dinner at Beurre Blanc. I ordered their ham-pepperoni-mango pizza with an interesting crust (think of empanadas and Jamaican patties). It was good surprisingly but I didn't finish all of it. It was HUGE! I got myself some Gossip Shiraz again.
One thing I like about RW is that, you can have a smoke anywhere you want. It's a fully-airconditioned place (remember to bring your jackets!). The people are not the masa types. And most importantly, it's not crowded.

Before I went home, I spotted Oyo Boy Sotto with his wife, Kristine Hermosa.

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