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Friday, November 26, 2010

Wee Nam Kee

This is a famous resto in Singapore where the likes of our ex-Presidents, Gloria Arroyo & Erap Estrada, like to eat. We have one locally located at the Ayala Triangle—a good 15-minute walk from the office. It’s time to try their food out.

Beng advised us to leave early for lunch because it’s Friday plus it’s payday. We expect a lotta peeps to dine out for lunch. So we (Beng, Raz, Liz, Will and I) left around 11.

Once we reached the area, we were surprised that there’s a huge line of hungry peeps at 11 am! Ugh!

Beng took care of the reservations. Then we waited… it’s people watching time!

I was hoping that the food is not just overhyped. We could hear some people talking about how good the food is. It better be! I think we waited for about an hour!

Finally, we got a table. We’re all excited to try their steamed chicken so we all got that. Will & I got some lechon kawali. Dennies & Liz ordered the porkchops. Our friend from Singapore, Toffee, texted Beng that their Wee Nam Kee fried rice is a must-try. So we ordered it too. I wanna eat the cereal prawns (first tasted this in Singapore and I miss it) and the spicy crunchy squid. Unfortunately, they’re not available. They also don’t have soda! Dammit!

The verdict? Well, after waiting for a long time, I was expecting a good meal. The chicken was cold. It tastes like chicken tinola minus the broth. The lechon kawali is not good for two. I could eat it in seconds! The Wee Nam Kee fried rice tastes like other Yang Chao fried rice (North Park is still the best). The big portions of shrimps in the menu ain't true. According to Raz, the Barley drink tastes like Am. Bwahahahaha!

The long wait wasn't worth it for me.



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