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Friday, April 27, 2007

Last Supper with Faye, Boy and Richie

The group (minus Noel) decided to have our last supper at Ruby Tuesdays. I've never eaten there so I'm excited to try their food. The minoot we walked through the doors, we all got a big smile on our faces. The lady who walked us to our table was very pretty.

Faye was still full from her heavy lunch with Jon C so she ordered dessert already. I got myself some baby back ribs with baked potato. Rene got the group some sampler for our appetizer. It has cheese sticks, chicken strips, spring rolls and buffalo wings.

While waiting for our food, we chatted about the relationships that formed while we're in Ashburn. We teased Faye, Alwyn and Rich.

Whenever I see bagoong with vinegar or hear John Legend's "Save Room", I'll remember my first femme flatmate, Faye. Pepper, cabbage and Coke will remind me of Boy who loves soda, who once puts the whole cabbage head in his nilaga and puts pepper on ALL his meals. Ogie A's "Kung Mawawala Ka" has been associated with Rich. Yep, he's the Ashburn balladeer ;oP

Speaking of music, our group even has a theme song, Michael Buble's "Home".


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