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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tell Me Her Name

Last Saturday, Rene gave us a tour of DC. This time, it's my turn. Joy, along with her family, and I went to DC after our late brekky. We took the route suggested by Bry's portable GPS device.
We parked on 18th street (just like the last time) and I tried to retrace my steps last weekend. I showed them the R2D2 mailbox, the tulip beds (too bad some of the tulips were wilted already) and the White House.
Next stop was the Museum of Natural History. JB got frightened when she saw the giant elephant. Teehee. Instead of proceeding right away to the Dinosaurs & Fossils section, we went inside the Mammals room first. Sumpthin' we didn't do last time. I got excited when I saw animals that look like someone pushed the Pause or Freeze button on them.
Then we went inside the Bugs section. There was a small group listening to some peeps dressed in white. Unforch, the discussion was over when we joined 'em. I mustered enuff courage to handle the lubber grasshopper and the infamous Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (if you've been watching "Fear Factor", you know what I'm talking about). Y'know that I hate roaches but I tried not to show it. I wanted to put the roach on my face but the lady assistant told me that they don't allow peeps to put the insects on faces. Oh bloody well.
We checked out the dinosaurs next. Found the mammoth and some totem poles too. We searched for the penguins section (JB requested for Happy Feet) but according to the lady by the Information desk, they don't have penguins. She actually said, "we don't have pin-guins. I'm sorry." Is that how you pronounce "penguins"?
'twas getting late so we ended our museum experience and looked for a place to eat. We wanted to have a good lunch so we looked for the Chinatown in DC. We also got worried because the sky was a foreboding shade of gray. On our way to the car, I took a photo of the Foronda family with the Washington Monument.
Found this Chinese resto called "Tai Shan". Joyish has a simple way of telling if the food is good--if there are many peeps eating there. Anyhoo, we ordered Peking duck, soft shell crabs, Chinese-style beef, and some soup. Everything was delish. We checked out our fortune cookies. Mine says, "Your love life will be happy and harmonious." Rrrriiiiigggght.
We checked out Chinatown. Found the Verizon Center where they hold basketball games in DC. The atmosphere around the area was crazy. Scalpers were everywhere, a band was entertaining the peeps, and a Wizards mascot was scaring the bejesus outta little kids like JB.

We went back to our car. Our 1-hour parking session had already expired. While looking for another spot, Joy and I decided to do more shopping in Chinatown so Bry dropped us off. We visited different souvenir shops but found nuthin. And then we found Hooters. I've been wanting to see this place ever since I got back here in the US. As soon as we opened the doors, we went directly to the merchandise booth.
I requested Joy to ask a waitress to have a photo with me but she refused to do it. According to her, if I had the balls earlier with the insects then this was just easy for me. Soooo I waited for the right moment and chose my prey. I think it was worth the wait. Now, let's play a game. Can you tell me her name? ;oP
Went back to Constitution Avenue, parked on 20th street and walked towards Lincoln Memorial. If you're wondering why JB wasn't looking at the camera in one of the photos, well... she was crying. Her daddy didn't wanna pick her up for the photo shoot.
Had some ice cream before heading back to Virginia. We went to Dulles Town Center and looked around for good deals. Found a nice Gap shirt for just 8 bucks, a cute Mickey Mouse shirt for only 5 bucks, and a white Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirt on sale. Since my credit card is in good standing, I got myself an A&F Proof cologne too. It's the scent that you smell when you visit their shops ;oP


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