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Monday, April 30, 2007

Wii are Family

Woke up at 8:30 this morning. I was planning to cook brekky for Joy & family but Joy informed me that Bry already bought some food from McDonald's. The trip to Maryland was canceled because they still have to drive back to Illinois... which will probably take them 13 or so hours. So with a heavy heart, I bid goodbye to my evil twin sister, Bry and the adorable JB. I promised to visit them again soon.

Heard mass at noon with Rene and Alwyn. Rich attended an anticipated mass the day before so he just dropped us off.

After mass, we went back to their apartment. That's the first time I saw the Wii game. You must be wonderin' how we got our Wii. For the past few weeks, Alwyn & Noel have been going to shops like Best Buy, Circuit City and Toys "R" Us to check if they're selling this ever elusive game. They always get, "Sorry, it's out of stock." Crap! Jeff, an officemate, is the solution to the problem. He sold his console to Alwyn. Sweet!
Alwyn gave me a quick tutorial with the controller. I made sure that I wore the wrist strap. There were stories that TVs got broken because of flying remotes. We also cleared the area. When you play with Wii, you definitely need space. What got me more excited is that Alwyn created our Mii characters. I look like my Mii character! Guess who these characters are.

We played tennis first. And that was freakin' awesome! The experience of playing a video game with realistic movements plus the fact we're watching on a huge HDTV LCD screen is totally out of this world. I'm pretty sure Boyette would love this. I won!
Noel and Alwyn played doubles later. 'twas fun watching them because Noel was doing a lotta crazy movements. And he found out how to do a power serve.
Next game we tried was boxing. Alwyn instructed me to attach the Nunchuk to the remote. This time, we can use both hands to jab and punch our opponent. You can block the punches when you raise both controllers. I enjoyed this game a lot but it was freakin' tiring. I won against Alwyn again. When Rene and I dueled it out later, I thought I would die. My heart was racing and I was totally spent after our game. After winning, I gave up my controller to Noel ;oP

Then Alwyn and I tried bowling. I tried to remember Mama Butch's bowling tips. I had a few strikes. I won again. Oh my god! A lotta winnings for a day. That truly made me an instant Wii fan!

Oh, other things you could do with Wii are: you can leave messages for your family members (or other Mii characters), you can browse the web (we put my knottydon blog addy in the favorites section), or you can even check out the weather report (Alwyn can do a nice weatherman impersonation).

I really hope I can get one for myself. Now, where's Jeff?


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