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Friday, May 25, 2007

At Emily's

Am now blogging inside the house of my good friend, Emily. She offered to drive me to the Metro station tomorrow morning. Am gonna catch the 9 o'clock bus ride to New York. Hopefully with all the preparation that I've done, I won't get lost or lose too much time figuring out where to go next.

Instead of flying, I opted to take the bus. I got a very good deal with Greyhound Bus Line by being their Mystery Traveler. From 35 bucks, I got the fare for half the price. Sweet!

I cooked my brunch for tomorrow: Spam, eggs, and rice. I forgot my water bottle at work so I still need to get a drink before I get on the bus. It's a 4-hour ride.

Am excited to see New York again!!!


Blogger weng said...

adventure ito :D have a nice and safe trip. see you in jersey, too. :D

10:13 PM  

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