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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Au Naturale

I had my last haircut in February. My hair is getting longer so the Anime look doesn't work for me anymore. So I decided to go au naturale. I chose a dark brown color for my hair. It says in the directions that I had to wait for 25 minutes for the chemical to work. After the required time, I rinsed off the color. The outcome? Well, it got rid of my blonde highlights alright but it didn't cover the black hair much. I will definitely add some more color tonight!

In other news, Alwyn got himself the Rayman game for his Wii. I'm excited to play this again! Speaking of Wii, I will buy one for Noel in New York. Hopefully, when I get there this weekend, they would have one in stock.

I also reported the eBay seller that didn't give me my coin collection display frame. I already paid him 25++ bucks but he wouldn't answer my messages nor send me the product that I bought from him. Hopefully I'll get my money back from PayPal soon.

Yesterday, I tried to practice Bikram yoga by myself with the help of a visual aid I created (thanks to the internet). I still sweat a bit and felt good after the session. This could be a daily habit!


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