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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Down to Four

We drove Richie to the airport this morning. Can't believe the group has shrunk down to 4 members: Noel, Rene, Alwyn and the Knottydon.

Noel is the only one left who drives for us. This weekend, I suggested that the rest of us should start practice driving. It's been awhile since I last drove a car. It's my first time to drive a van. I hope it's not that difficult. I need practice on my parking.

Yesterday, I arranged my bus ride to New York from DC. Yep, I'm finally goin' back to the Big Apple on the 25th. My goal is just to watch "Les Miserables". Anyhoo, the Greyhound Bus ride costs 35 bucks. I can get it for half the price if I'll be the "Mystery Traveler" where I have a mission to review the trip, the facilities, and the bus itself without the knowledge of any Greyhound staff. I'd be like a secret agent (cue in Alias opening theme song).

The biggest challenge for me though is the way to the Greyhound bus terminal and the way back home. It's kinda hard when we don't have our own cars here. The taxi would cost me like 65 bucks one way. Ouch!!! My officemate, Emily, gave me some printouts of the bus services in the area. I might have to take several bus trips going to the airport and then take the Metro to the Greyhound bus station. I also asked the help of PJ 'cause it's my first time to take the bus and the Metro here in Virginia. Emily
also offered to take me to DC if she's around on the day of my trip. So nice of her!

Other good news: I was planning to visit Costco to get me some mouthwash and bubble bath soap. This morning, Richie left me a big bottle of mouthwash. Also, Alwyn gave me some leftover bubble bath soap (from Raz). I'm so happy.

For the past few days, I've been feeling bad about my lost in-ear earphone rubber. I couldn't listen to my iPod with only one earphone plugged into my ear. The problem with my earphones is that the rubber that you're supposed to put in the ear (to block out ambient noise) gets separated easily from the earphone itself. I lost it on the way back to the office after lunch. I searched my cube and the places I've been to but I had no luck.

So after work, we headed to Circuit City. When Noel and Rene found out that I was planning to buy a new earphones 'cause i lost one rubber in-ear piece, they told me that they found sumpthin in their bathroom. I asked if it's a rubber thingie and if they haven't disposed of it yet. They said that they kept it. Oh, my gravy! I'm soooo happy!!!

After our trip to Grand mart, we went to Walmart. I bought Dove pro-Age lotion. It costs a whole lot more but I'm willing to pay the price. I trust Dove. I really like the smell and how it makes my skin so smooth to touch! Y'see, the skin on my hands are drying up. My knuckles look like an elephant skin. Now, it's getting better with the help of Dove.

In "American Idol", after Phil Stacey went bye-bye, it's down to Blake and Chris. I'm a huge Blake fan and I don't wanna see him go. If he leaves tonight, I won't watch AI next week. Well, Chris got the boot. Yay!


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